Round 24 - Sydney FC vs WSW - 23/05/21

This feels like not just a significant derby but also a significant game. A win here would cement us nicely in second and would make it much harder for WSW to make the finals

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For non-Derby reasons we need to win so we can finish higher up the table.

For derby reasons we need to win because without the wins they get In these games the Wanderers have nothing, and I would love for them to have no joy in their lives.


It’s not complicated, we need to fuck them up.


I’d settle for a 1 Nil win which is more our style this season anyway

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I demand we break them like we broke Melbourne.


Just win. Don’t care how.

End our derby hoodoo and their season at the same time.

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We did break them with the 4-0, 5-0, and a string of demoralising derby losses for them home and away, and indirectly through our years of continued success.

Their club and supporter base are a shell of what they used to be.

Last season was supposed to be their return to former glory in time with a return to Parramatta, with their CEO guaranteeing success at their new stadium - but he forgot to specify which team would be the one experiencing success.


We need to win for all the reasons mentioned already.

Their first couple of recent wins over us were pure flukes. But then it kept happening because they just wanted it more. They treat every game against us like a GF and State of Origin combined, whereas we’ve taken our foot off the gas.

No more trying to play pretty. We need to demolish them


I remember once upon a time thinking the old cliche “I don’t care if we only win 3 games a season, as long as it’s those 3”. Now it’s all a bit meh, didn’t really give a fuck about that one loss in 16/17, don’t give a fuck about not winning a derby in last years double season.

I mean, crush them by all means. But if we don’t win we will still finish above them and they won’t be winning any trophies any time soon. The natural order of things remains regardless.

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Continuing on from the last two games I’m saying that the team from Sydney will either win or draw.

Itd be nice for the best team in sydney to beat the worst team in sydney

They will lift for this one possibly more than usual, their finals hopes are on the line. If they lose they’re pretty much done for, even a draw may not be good enough for them.



Am I right that the last time we beat them was the game at the SCG where VAR got the assist and Babbel lost his shit and got sent off?
If so I’d settle for something similar this weekend.


I want to win this for all the reasons mentioned. But above all, I want to win because this match will be the first ever game my son will attend. Hey, he’s 3 months old and won’t know any different, but it will always hold significance for me.


Of course though if we win he is a good luck charm and will be required at every match from then on


and if we lose?

We never lose against WSW. Even if they score more goals than us


We have to win, the winless streak is soul-destroying.