Round 26 - Sydney FC vs Western United - 15/08/20

A bit early, but there’s no better place to post this I guess…

Hyundai A-League 2019-20 season Premiers Sydney FC will be presented with the Premiers Plate next Saturday evening at Leichhardt Oval, after their final home game against Western United (kick off 5pm).

It’s the third time in four years the Sky Blues have achieved the feat, and Sydney FC Members will get the chance to witness the presentation at the ground where this season’s home campaign began.

The match is one of two venue changes for the Sky Blues next week and has been switched to the inner west venue from BankWest Stadium, to allow the club to lift the Plate at the more intimate setting of one of their three home grounds

All Members will be able to access tickets for this game, with details to be emailed this afternoon

Can only assume that WSW had a sook about us lifting the plate at BankWest. Presumably this means that like 500 tickets can be offered because the seating is so small.

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FFA’s pet - “We’re shit, don’t bring in Mac yet, we’ll lose half our fans.”, “We need 12 foreigners, we’re new and shit”, “Don’t let anyone use a stadium we lease for lifting a trophy, we’re too delicate”, “Our fans are amazing, let them rip smoke and be homophobic.”.

This lizard man/Bill Gates/Bozza coke rant/FFA conspiracy shit is wearing thin. They get literally everything they ask for and still can’t make the finals.


Isn’t it only something like 5000 seated? If so that’s only 1250 tickets plus whatever they think they can get onto the hill (I doubt it’s many). Austadiums lists the capacity as officially 20,000 but I doubt it’s that many.

I been to multiple games there where the crowd was around 21k and the place was jammed with people so 20k would be about right.

I reckon they’ll be pretty strict with hill tickets. Wasn’t there an NRL game a week or two ago that was played on a ground with a hill and there was barely any social distancing or anything like that?

Instead of seeing Sydney lift the Plate in the homeground of the local rivals, under cover of a new roof, some of us instead get to see them do it while standing out on the hill in inevitable rain. Awesome move.


Sydney FC Head Coach Steve Corica says it’s the right decision and is looking forward to sharing the moment with club Members.

“Our Members are the reason we’ve been playing to win all season, so it is only right that we give them the opportunity to see us lift the Plate at one of our familiar home grounds.
“Leichhardt Oval served us very well earlier this season and we enjoy the special feel of playing there.
“We are looking forward to completing our campaign in style and using it as a springboard for the Finals Series.”

Certainly sounds like it was our idea

Yep on the sunshine coast

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Pretty pathetic from the club if it was their idea. I doubt it though, doesn’t make sense to reduce the amount of people who get to attend and watch us lift the plate.

Just locked in a ticket to stand on the hill (hopefully not in the rain) for the game. Making the best of it.

Yeah fingers crossed there’s no rain. Looks like it’s only Platinum Plus under the shelter.

We took the hit and upgraded to platinum plus for this game to avoid the rain.

Be sure to swing by Bay 3 and thank me for the beautiful weather which I have now ensured for the day.

I thought about it, but figured I could use that $38 some other way, and that there will be enough room on the hill to stand up the back with an umbrella if required.

Can’t make the game, so I have to decide if I rock up to work an hour early and do a 13 hour shift, or keep my fingers in my ears and try and watch it Saturday arvo after I wake up.

So how do the ticket allocations work? I logged in at 3pm thinking the tickets must be long gone but I was able to get a bronze ticket.

Is there a cap? Or are most members staying home?

The joys of the shift worker.
I feel you, mate.

This. 90% rain forecast for Saturday. Unless I pay to upgrade our tickets we’ll be sitting in the rain. I don’t know if I can do it to be honest; sitting in the rain with COVID-19 lingering doesn’t seem like a smart move. It seems crazy because we’ll be lifting the plate, but this may be the first game that I willingly choose to skip, in, well, ever (have only not gone to games if circumstances are out of my control).

I was really looking forward to going to Bankwest and would have been guaranteed an undercover seat. Unless the forecast changes, I’ll be watching from home unfortunately.

There’s no guarantee, it’s not as bad as the SFS but you will still get wet in first 10 rows.

I think with the amount of seats I’d be able to make sure we got somewhere undercover.