Round 3 - Melbourne City vs Sydney FC - 2/11/18

That’s right, another game. Thoughts on the line-up given this is our 3rd game in 8 days? DDS has to start for mine and it may be good to rotate elsewhere, maybe Devlin in for Brillante?

Would expect calver in for one of the cbs, and dds for brosque.

Bring King in for Zullo?

In 7 days! Unfortunate scheduling of course, but when I saw the draw and we had a 6-day break between league matches, with Adelaide a 9-day break I was hoping the final wouldn’t fall in there…

Would like to see a bit more going forward. Still early days I know, but we look a little lost in the final third. There’s no doubt that ALF can finish, but can we find him in the right positions?

DDS to start and some game time for Calver/Warland.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Charles to start.
I’m not expecting miracles but at least he could get some solid minutes before judgment is past completely.
Also he’s fresh and we need to manage all these old bastards. I’d take a draw or loss here if it meant getting through unscathed injury wise!
Time to step up.

I’d be hugely surprised by that. Like Arnie, Corica seems to not be keen on the experimentation and would always rather choose the first X1 (give or take one or two second-tier regulars) than put a youngster in from the start.

Anyhow, we’ll wait and see. Given the shifts Brosque has been putting in, that Alfie’s not had any minutes off, and that Milos has also had heavy game time, something like that for our front end does make sense.

Warland is also busted till Jan

Id guess something like

Calver Wilkinson Jop Zullo
Brillante O’Neill
Retre De Silva Ninko/Brosque

Wouldn’t mind seeing Devlin starting/captaining

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What about Retre at RB instead, so:

Retre --Wilkinson-- Jop ----- Zullo
-------Brillante— O’Neill
De Silva ----Brosque ------Ninko

Then a bench of Grant, Calver, Devlin, Charlie, which gives us enough flexibility to make changes as needed.

Brosque needs a rest because of what he’s been putting in, Brilliante needs a rest because he’s been stinking the place up. Like to see Devlin in for the latter…but I doubt Charles will ever come good - and that’s our striker ‘depth’ at present . Worrying

I agree on Brillante, he’s been poor of late.

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Charles last few appearance have been ok. Still lots of room to improve, but playing with more energy and reading the plays a bit better.

I was quite sick of him before but now I think he will actually slowly grow into a decent player.

I’d be surprised to see any changes to the starting eleven. Maybe some earlier subs than usual, but I reckon it’ll be the usual starting line up.

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Thats probably right

I was super critical of Brillante at the end of last season and through pre-season, but I think he’s improved since. At current performance I’d still take him over any Aussie CM in the comp not named Brandon O’Neill, it’s not Joshy’s fault the guy next to him is a beast.

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De Jong out and De Silva in are the only squad changes from the derby:

I’d rest Brosque, bench Brilliante for underwhelming performance, and maybe give Wilko a week off. Don’t want them overworked, even with intl break approaching.

Grant - Calver - Jop - Zullo
DDS - Retre - O’Neill - Ninkovic
Charlie - ALF

Bench: Cisak, Wilkinson, Brilliante, Devlin, Brosque

Give the armband to O’Neill or Zullo.

CBs shouldn’t need a rest like this, they don’t run as much as the others. Wilko will play.

With him being the other side of 30 I’m not willing to risk him personally. I’d like him to start but with our current injury concerns not sure it’d be worth the risk