Round 4 - Sydney FC vs Newcastle - 1/11/2019

Full title: Sydney FC vs Newcastle - The Return of the King?

We are going to get Arse Blasted.

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Most looking forward to the next 5 months back at Kogarah.

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I haven’t seen Newcastle play this year. Adelaide are in some form so last week’s loss may have been somewhat expected (albeit the Reds played mid-week)

It’s certainly not a vintage Jets side, on paper they should be returning back to the bottom end of the table.

Last game there was a bloke selling 5 dollar flags about a hundred metres from the entrance to the ground. I bought two for my twins who instead of waving them ran around on the hill engaging in an ongoing brutal sword fight. I apologise in advance that this will probably happen again.


The same bloke was just outside Parra station on sat, he had a mate further on selling the same flags. Business must be booming.

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Ffs Just put em away this time.

Newie are struggling, the loss of Wes Hoolahan was a hammer blow. This should be straight forward for us.

If we play to the level we did in the derby (and take at least one of the chances) newcastle won’t be able to get close to us

These last few comments make me very nervous.

Jets to play us off the park and win 2-0


1-1 draw.
Apart from the MV semi final game our inability to score goals from open play is a problem that goes back to mid last season when Alfie started to go off the boil.
If anything the problem will be/is worse this season given Kosta’s shots per goal ratio.

So, Alfie is currently 7th on our all time scoring list (25 goals, 41 apps) - the only one above him, in terms of strike rate, is Bobo, of course, who had 52 goals in 71 appearances… SFC Statistics doesn’t record how many of those were tap-ins, probably , at least, 35…
Barbarouses scored 32 in 51 games in his most recent stint with MV, not exactly shabby either…
On any other day, we probably would have put 3 or 4 past the Saddoes last weekend…
Folding the club might be a touch premature, no??

Wasn’t he going a goal per game for his first 15 or so appearances?

How many shots did it take for him to score those 32 goals though? While he does score goals I’d hardly call him clinical. His performance in front of goal on Saturday was very reminiscent of his time at Melbourne.

Come on, we all know it’s 15 years overdue!

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We’re due to unleash hell.This could be the game.

Buhagiar returns to the squad


I wonder if he’ll go straight in or not. Ivanovic has come a long way while Buhagiar has been out.

Yeah, cant see it happening but at least he is an option on the bench now

Just bought a ticket for a mate, PAX is at 4952.

If we continue on the same trajectory as last weeks game then I predict us to shoot on goal and miss every single time. Kosta to miss a couple sitters and Alf …well lets be honest he’s been shit so he won’t be doing much at all.

Newcastle will probably win it 1-0 from a bogus penalty which Redders will save and then Retre to score an own goal off the rebound while trying to clear it out.

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