Round 6 - Macarthur vs Sydney FC - 26/12/21

Yeah I don’t like our odds here. Can Amini arrive already?

Rain may help us, and no Davila or Kurto for them.

1-1 draw.

Sif it’s going ahead.


Macarthur are average and don’t deserve top spot.

Easy 3 points for sydney


Less than 50/50 chance it goes ahead I rekon

Plenty of space to social distance based on their crowds.


Cant let a club playing oar at cdm and noone as a wingback win against us again.


Won’t hold my breath waiting for member discount for the away bay. Pretty sure Wanderers and CCM away were about $20, this one’s $39.

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Away Bay discount code was in an email from the club on Dec 16, you have to scroll down a bit.

It works out to $31 after discount, or you can buy GA next to it for $30 I assume and just walk over, doubt they will cordon off the away bay.

Then there’s a booking fee on top of that.

Macarthur (and probably the league in general) need to cut their ticket prices by about 30-50%, no wonder not many people turn up.


Third time we’ve played them already this season

For a club that gets alleged $1 yearly ground rental, they’re taking the fucking piss. Clearly the owners trying to get back their investment in the license rather than focusing on fan engagement, and building a long term successful club with a stable fan base in the local area.

Fuck Macarthur. It’s not a derby. It’s not a rivalry. They’re just a shit run bunch of cowbell ringing bogans.


Don’t think Macarthur are that good. Should the game go ahead, I’m quietly confident we’ll win.

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Should win.A better team now than the 0-1 day.

Just a tip when buying tickets for Macarthur games. Buy in the bay closer to the middle to the active bay and save dollars.

You can always move into the active area.

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Cheers for that. I’m usually pretty good at keeping those codes on hand until needed, just went back and appears I didn’t get that one, so if anyone wants to post or share the code would be most appreciated. :beer:

Wasn’t sure if it was an issue given it’s a members code, but not like there’s an issue with it selling out. If there’s a good reason to remove it I’m not thinking of I’ll edit it out.

******* (Removed by club request)

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Legend, thanks mate.

Probably could’ve guessed that one but the last few have been AWAYMARINERS or something similar. I’ll probably only get tickets on the day after getting through this weeks wedding and Xmas unscathed and unpinged by Service NSW. :crossed_fingers:

So sick of playing Macarthur.

Who are they again?

Fwiw I think they’re actually a good barometer, for us.

Nice control sample.

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