Round 7 - 2021/22

Adelaide v Wellington


lol Blackwood trying to claim that goal

Sotirio butchers a chance on goal, who had that on their bingo card?

Good to see Welly are still playing the keeper with the rad hair. Not much else going for them though. Pissants are all over them

Starting the year as he means to continue

WE’VE BEEN TO them both.

Just a general statement about football at the moment.
Maybe players should stop sharing water bottles.

Young Adelaide keeper looking like Mr Burns has told him to get rid of his sideburns

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Lewis needs to calm the fuck down. Can see him getting a second yellow without much effort

He deserves a straight red for those corn rows


Talay is the hardest done by man in the world.
There is a global conspiracy against him and Wellington
It’s funny

Apologies to Delianov, something like that was always gonna happen half an hour after subbing him into fantasy team.

Lol, definitely a different “clear and obvious” threshold applied there.

Is it too much to ask that Keepup shows me who scored the goals?

A bit ridiculous that a free app that is presumably run by some guy from his living room has better functionality than the official one.

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Apparently they spent millions on Keep Up as well. Still think they have a lot of room for improvement

Yeah, for sure. Paramount seem to have ironed out any kinks they had (mostly), so Keepup need to… well, keep up.

The Wellington keeper has been absolutely sold out by his defenders.

Horrific ball watching from Fenton on the 4th.

The way Goodwin takes penalty kicks really grinds my gears


He is running a close second to Robbie Cruse for having the most punchable head.