Round 8 - City vs Sydney FC - 23/02/21

City coming off poor form but almost two weeks as a break so we’ll see how that plays out.

Could go either way. We will be match fit and Bimbi made the right subs with this game in mind. They may have spent 2 weeks just working on playing against us though (Grant’s nipple).

There’ll be peaches and baguettes.

Given we put a big effort into last night’s game, I’m concerned for our second half in this game. In particular, I’m expecting that Ninko will be benched or maybe even left out of the squad entirely. Problem is that outside of maybe Caceres, there aren’t any fit and viable options on the left that I can think of.

I’d expect that the Hof will probably be benched, as well, with Brattan coming in. Wonder if we’ll see Warland coming in, too. That said, it will be hard to justify Wilko or Gowser being benched after really good performances on Sunday.

I doubt Bobo will start. More likely to see similar to the weekend, with Wood playing an hour and Bobo coming on after that.

The thing is, it’s probably a better option to have Wood off the bench against tired legs and have Bobo start

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Disagree. Let them chase Wood around for the first 60.

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we want wood to develop into a starter, not get good at coming on with 15 minutes left.

He has been playing well enough starting to justify leaving him in

I’d like to see Bobo start for the first 60 mins or so. We saw how dangerous he was in his brief cameo on the weekend. Hopefully nick a goal or 2 then let Wood come on and run a tiring defense ragged. Whatever way Bimbi decides to go it’s a good problem to have

Assuming Bobo is short of match fitness giving him the last 30mins makes sense. He was never a forward like Brosquey in terms of pressing but he will do more that way.

If Jamie Young hadn’t fallen into a great save him coming on vs Roar would have been a tactical masterstroke.

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In terms of the team though, you’d be taking off a youth player that’s spent from running and throwing on a 36 year old striker who was never known for his pace… That’s literally a defenders’ dream

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But Bobo is a bit cannier with his movement, which is hard to deal with when you’re a tired defender.

When you’re tired your concentration drops off and that’s when Bobo does his best work.

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Bingo. As I’ve mentioned before, a load of his goals in his first stint with us wasn’t from using speed, but from his excellent ability to make a yard of space for himself while the ball is coming in. He does that better than pretty much any A-League striker I can think of over time.


i honestly think that when he put the ball across the box to ABJ for his big chance, he already had it in his mind what he was going to do. if you watch the replay he straight away put his arm up for the cross and made the perfect run behind the defender (ABJ’s cross was damn good as well).

he is very smart and will exploit a tired defence.

Tuesday night football is the worst. Impossible to feel at all like it’s game day.

I hope we start Brattan and Nieuwenhof together

Does anyone have any suggestions for a pre-match pub in Richmond?

The Corner, Post Office (I think it’s called) & some bar next door (9t4 maybe). Basically anything close to the station. Rest are full of wankers

Well, it is Melbourne. Thanks for that.


Couple of interesting changes.

Bobo starts.

He has to i guess. We’ll see how we go with crosses in first and throw on the speed up front later on.

It’s a season to get through with a decent position and result with giving as much time for youth as possible.

That’s my expectation satisfaction fulfilled if it happens.