Round 8 - Sydney FC vs Perth - 22/01/22

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think we were playing a team of 11 Sturridges, because that’s the only way this has been advertised.

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At least there’s no London bus and Beatles cover band outside the ground. :face_vomiting:

Give it time…

Shut up guys …

Don’t mind the Sturridge hype, maybe we will finally crack a 5k crowd :sweat_smile: what a disaster

Anyway Perth looked pretty unfit against Brisbane, 1-1 draw Sturridge to equalise late.

I’m struggling to find any fucks to give about this (or any) game.

Maybe I’ll just go and have a nap on the hill in the afternoon sun


Has this been cancelled yet?

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That SFC game vs Fury might be my lowest point in attending games. The EPL snobby dumbos in attendance that day - holy sh!t some of the things I heard in the stands… would have much preferred we had 3k in attendance that day -nothing good came from that!

It’ll probably be raining. :joy:

I know SFC fans who supported NQ that day …

You might get your wish this weekend!

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Didn’t go to the Liverpool game did you?

Dunno what was worse. The Eurosnobs at the game, or the ABC’s broadcast ft. Aaron Chen. :nauseated_face:

The world was not ready for Aaron Chen :joy:

Aaron Chen isn’t ready for Aaron Chen.

God no. I did not do that. This is a match day thread, so will leave my many many opinions on all of this for another thread at another time… nobody needs my ‘eurosnob’ rantings of a Friday.

We’re gonna win 2-1.

Or it’ll get canceled.

Random but I remember playing Runescape in 2009 or 2010 whenever it was and constantly getting ads of ALOISI v FOWLER.

Perth paying $6.50…

If Perth start faster than us I’ll be fuming.