Russia v Ukraine - WWIII or Putin's cliff dive?

Valerii Zaluzhnyi confirmed as being replaced with Oleksandr Syrskyi, the man behind the defence of Kyiv at the start of the war as well as the mastermind behind the Kharkiv offensive, include the work to decieve Russia into thinking the attack would fall in th South

The Tucker Carlson interview is now live. 2hr interview started with a 30 minute history lesson from Putin. The first minute or so that I watched involved Carlson sycophantically laughing at Putin after Putin asked him to not turn the interview into a talk show

Putin seems pretty sharp and coherent, more than can be said of some world leaders. It probably puts to bed him being ‘not all there’ or ‘unwell’ or whatever the rumours were 6 months ago. I’ll have to watch the rest later.

considering the first quarter of the interview was a pre-prepared rant about his claims to Ukraine, you would assume so. Plus Carlson didn’t exactly push him on any controversial topics

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I’m not one to get dragged down in conspiracy theories, but wasn’t he rumoured to have cancer about 12 months ago?

There were discussions about how bad he was looking, and there were rumours that his public events were being covered by body doubles.

Either way, haven’t seen the interview yet - can somebody link it? I would take most of it with a grain of salt

Talk about mise en place. Gordon Ramsay would be impressed.

Yeah those are the rumours I was thinking of, basically he had cancer and his mind had deteriorated completely.

Here’s the interview:

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Seems the Ukrainians have converted another Russian landing vessel to submarine.



Why isn’t Albo on the phone to cancel aukus and pick up those technology. Seems like a way to fast track the submarine problem solution

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So it seems the vessel is the Caesar Kunikov, a Ropucha class landing ship. The vessel was supposedly heavily damaged in 2022 during the Ukraine attack on Berdiansk, in which a smaller Tapir class landing craft the Saratov was sunk.

The Cesar Kunikov and its sister ship (which was sunk in December 2023) retreated hastily, but it’s unknown as to what damage was caused.

The Russian Navy - at least their Black Sea fleet are taking HUGE losses currently.

Since the invasion in 2022, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has lost the following:
List of Russian vessels damaged & sunk during the war

apparently they now only have 5 out of 13 landing ships in an operational status.

Only 5 more to go? I love a good countdown.


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I wonder what the overall situation is like now. I have seen a few YouTube vids lately saying that basically Ukraine can’t win. Their recent offensive failed and it’s just a matter of time before Russsia wins, they can just wait them out now.

Fuck me dead what a dribbler. I would have gone to the kitchen & made lunch & told him to keep on talking.

At the rate that Russia is losing soldiers and equipment, they may not survive to completely take their objectives. Russia is using mobilization and conscripts, whereas Ukraine is not doing so at this point. They have a fairly large pool of individuals that they can still draft into the armed forces.

The big deal breaker will be whether they get continued support from NATO and the EU. Germany for instance, is now opening up a brand ammunition production facility. Poland has a new Prime Minister who’s more centrist and has finally come out with some extremely strong language about the war. Estonia and the Baltics are unwavering in their support. You still have the expected delivery of the F-16s which could be a huge force projection for the Ukrainians as well.

It’ll be interesting what occurs with the new Commander in Chief what he would bring to the table. The past month Ukraine has been in deep defensive mode while they were trying to figure out what was happening. There’s been some territory changes on both sides in Avdiivka over the past few days. Russia has also been reportedly making a “Tzar Train” on one of the fronts. A 30km long interconnected train carriages that have been heavily fortified. They’re not sure as to what the usage will be though.

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