Russia v Ukraine - WWIII or Putin's cliff dive?

Ukraine confirmed that it was a hit from them. I think I read it was a S200 that did it. Ukraine has been fairly short on air defences over the past few weeks so Russia has been operating it’s aircraft closer to the border which could have been what occurred here.

US House has finally approved an aid bill for Ukraine, Senate needs to agree as well and the US has already said it’s ready to ship weapons within a day or two of confirmation. They’re expected to heavily focus on air defence and artillery shells. Germany also confirmed that it would be providing Ukraine with another Patriot System in the coming weeks.

In a feel good story, Slovakia’s government, a very pro-Russian government, has refused to take part in the Czech Republic’s ammunition initiative. Citizens have banded together instead and have raised $2.8 million USD in 5 days. Between the Czech and Estonia initiatives (if successful), the Ukraine may find themselves on the upper in terms of ammunition supplies.

Ukraine reportedly taking some heavy territorial losses as it battles the lack of artillery shells. Russia has taken the most territory it has in a year around the Avdiivka front. There’s a spearhead that is observable in Deepstate that has made fairly big gains. Ukrainians have been fairly critical of the fact that the Ukrainian military hasn’t been open or reported these losses.

Ukraine has said they will also start operating F-16s “after Orthodox easter.” Still not sure what this means in terms of dates though.

Yeah, Ukraine’s lost more ground in the last couple of months.

Also reports of Russia now using chemical weapons.

Those have been around for a while. Macron has officially stated that, in the case of a Russian breakthrough, he wouldn’t rule out French troop intervention, especially if Ukraine was to request it. Really really strong words there from him and not the first time either.

Good on him. The Europeans/NATO should have finished this months ago. If they need to provide their own troops then unfortunately they have to.

They can’t let Russia or any other country attack an independent country just because they feel like it and get away with it. Disgraceful

I full support that, the only thing is going to be the potential of nuclear escalation which could occur if Russian troops are pushed back. It’s also only France at this stage. I can’t see Germany wanting to get involved and Poland would be 50/50.

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The French don;t mind a dust up with the Ruskies.

Macron just needs to say Putin wants to raise the retirement age, instant unwavering support from the masses.

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They did not play too well in their last match.

200 years, just yearning for a rematch!

They’re traditional rivals…

The fixture that stops a nation

Some menal footage of a journalist embeded with Ukrainian troops after they were surrounded and managed to escape.

Also Russia launched a surprise attack from the North. Ukraine claims they expected it. Theyre saying Russian troops tried to move forward 10km but barely managed 1

Not looking good up north. Reports that Russia has taken up to 10 villages north of Kharkiv. There’s no real proper details yet as to the scale of the assault. There’s talk that the Northern attacks are a feint by Russian troops to draw Ukrainians away from other fronts. Or it could be the start of a new front in general.

Republicans must be giddy with their contribution.

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It’s really weird. A soldier that had been stationed near the front did an interview claiming that the Russians just walked straight through. There had been no prepared mines or anything. Granted most of Urkaine’s resources are in the east, but surprised nothing was picked up. They’re saying upwards of 2000 Russian troops were involved in one area…