Sack the Board: the Cricket thread I

Beardman is another young cricketer from down south WA.
No idea what’s going on there but they keep producing these great young players.
Theres a bunch of them in the WA premier club cricket and WA sides.

We’ve got a bloke from my club Tom Menzies who went on the last tour to England, but unfortunately didn’t make the squad for the world cup.

Phenomenal bowler, really highlights the difference between club cricket and even rep kiddie cricket.

Australia’s first win since 2010 and our 4th overall (India has 5).
Australia had lost to India in the final in 2012 and 2018.

Final in Sydney Feb 25. Venue TBA
Against the Sandgropers…
North Sydney, you’d expect
Cheap day out


Does that have spectator facilities?

I work right near that. Nothing really specific in terms of seating etc. Pretty sure it was made purely as a training facility

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Sheffield Shield on at the SCG starting today. Hoping to get out tomorrow to do the Shield before walking over to the SFS, a perfect Sydney sporting day (if the weather does the right thing).

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Why the fuck would they play the domestic one day final at a training ground? Makes the APL look competent

Play it at Bradman oval or somewhere like that.

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It’s the Centre of Excellence that they’ve spunked a huge amount of cash on. Don’t be surprised if the entire competition and Sheffield Shield final is played out of there in the near future.

Poor mornings work from the home team

I thought a run-fest final at Nth Sydney with a decent crowd in would be a good advert for the domestic game. What the fuck do I know?

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NSW suck at Shield. It’s been a few months and I’d somehow forgotten that.

It’s a really nice location. Paramatta river on one side, Silverwater prison on the other…

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North Sydney? The thing’s in Silverwater

Reviews on Google suggest not much. No grandstand, not even a hill. BYO chair.
And pretty limited parking around.

While the address is Olympic Park, it’s nowhere near the train station, and there isn’t a Silverwater Wharf despite the ferry going straight by.

Seems NSW Men actually played a Shield game there at the start of the season, and another one scheduled after this final.

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That’s the brand new Stuart MacGill Stand. :wink:


Parking is really shit. You’re best bet is to go to Blaxland Riverside park and then walk over

My fuckin point exactly :roll_eyes: