Sack the Board: the Cricket thread I


Got him yes! That’s fucked his average Tony


Oh its on… Australia bowling well, India batting appallingly


What a catch!




Four down. Lovely stuff. Thats four out driving


Herath was a joy to behold in this ‘modern’ age of sport where everyone and everything is monitored, dissected, and skin folded to death. To watch him waddling around the field proudly led by his protruding stomach carrying the signs of his reputed love of an ale, then grab the ball and tie the worlds most vaunted batsmen in knots of embarrassing ineptitude was priceless.


No cricket on in the work lunch room.
Fuckin sacrilegious.


Same here, thankfully have a day off tomorrow so all sorted. :slight_smile:


Fuck yes.


Dont yet underestimate the ability for an Aussie collapse. Could easily be four down by stumps


Only seen about 2 hours of coverage, but enough to confidently say ch7 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ch9


While our batting is certainly the worst in my lifetime, it’s still a fantastic bowling attack with more than enough quality to take 20 wickets each test in Australian conditions.

The pitch looks fucking flat, and there’s enough quality in that batting line-up to grind out a winning total.


Any thoughts on the new network and commentary team? I have been restricted to day 1 highlights so far and had forgotten its on Seven.


Marsh fails under pressure yet again. When will they learn haha


Threw that away. Stupid way to lose your wicket.



I was thinking yesterday that, as ever, a first innings Test match total can only be judged by what the opposition can do. And we have done so very very little. Marsh in particular should be absolutely embarrassed at his dismissal.


You know what? Marsh wasn’t even under pressure on that ball. The ball was thrown up, wide, full, and had “HIT ME” written all over it. Marsh never got his foot even close to the pitch and just swung at his bat. A simply disgraceful dismissal for an international batsman. I’d just refuse to let him bat in the second innings because the cunt is so fucking useless.


I’m happy I have Fox. I think they show an impressive level of effort to their coverage and they don’t feel they have to make jokes every 10 seconds (ala Ch 9) to keep the audience entertained. No James Brayshaw is also a big plus for Fox.


TBF ch7 is pretty good (standfast brayshaw)


WTF is Aaron Finch doing in the test side?