Season 20/21 fixtures: we should play more games on *insert day*

First games at ANZ to allow for potential crowd limits.

Pretty happy the derby is only round 4 and the big blue is separated by it by a week.

Surprised the teams we play thrice are WSW, Adelaide, Brisbane, Victory. Would have expected Macarthur in there for more derbies and City in there for more GF rematches.

First game against the bulls on a Sunday night. Genius.


Fucking hate ANZ.


Yeah that and the Mariners away once again on a Sunday are the only two things I’m annoyed about.


Newcastle at home at WIN stadium?

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I can’t wait until we get to a stage where we just play every team twice so we don’t have the marquee fixtures like derbies and big blues cheapened and destroyed by playing them 3x per season.


That and Leichhardt on a Monday night. Hopefully common sense prevails before either fixture.

How long till the SFS is finished?


As someone who doesn’t live in Sydney my draw requirements are niche AF but this is dogshit for me. Fold the club.

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Leichhardt on a monday is tremendous

Wednesday in between Christmas and New Year.

Thanks for the choice of a week long holiday or going to the game. Arseholes.

Summer football can’t fuck of quickly enough.

Edit: Also, that picture is a really shitty presentation of the information.


I call BS on that opinion. Couple of bevs watching the game in shorts and tshirt enjoying the balmy evening air, no work in the morning, is absolutely ace.
(But in fairness, the design decision is very poor.)

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First shut down between Christmas and New Years in years. FIrst leave between Christmas and New Years in years.

Let’s stick the fucking first game in the middle of it so any cunt that want’s to watch live football can fucking choose between having a week away somewhere or going to the game.

Also, get out of Sydney. Tis horribly humid and crap in summer.

Its bad for the game and bad for player safety but this is v v v v nice.

We’ll leave that complaint to the “for players only” sub-forum.
Winter football will be shit, and personally speaking will be competing with or added to the multiple days of football commitments we’ll already have each week with kids’ training and games. I’ll wait and see whether it’s better for the league, but for me it will be shite and I will probably go less.


He’s dissing Sydney. Go get him, forum!


Rudes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Maybe he is from Victoria :sunglasses:


Macarthur on a Saturday night at Leichhardt should be some fun! Strange they’ve picked the smallest stadium for one of the games we’re likely to get away fans at.

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