Semi-Final details and build up thread

Sunday 12 May
Jubilee stadium

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Lot of invective on the FB page, about location and, mostly, about the timing.
Not perfect for me but I can definitely go. Happy days.

We’ve always known it was going to be at Jubilee. It’s the logical choice and should be great with 19k people there or whatever the capacity is.

Love the fact that it’s in Kogarah, don’t get me wrong.
I do appreciate the fact that it’s Mother’s day and 1900 KO is less than ideal for people with kiddies though

With the Adelaide game at Coopers, Perth at HBF, the Derby at AAMI and our game at Jubilee - there are good chances that the finals will either be sell-outs or very full. The FFA seems to have learned from past mistakes.

Now, what will the ticket prices be?

7pm Sunday?

At least it’s the FFA loosing money and not us

So Kogarah then possibly ANZ. Facepalm.

Would love to be a fly on the wall next time FFA go cap in hand to the government, having chosen not to use a brand new perfect sized $360M public asset because they didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.


7pm on a sunday night.


I thought these FFA assclowns learned from last season?

Prime viewing time. KO times would have been chosen with Foxsports taking the lead and nothing else considered. Guaranteed.

I’ve been away for a year and have a flight that gets in at 9pm that night. Time to change it.

It’s is the NRLs Magic Round, with all 8 games being played at Suncorp. With all the Sydney based teams there’s even more viewership potential for them over this weekend so no doubt Fox has shafted us.

We are in Korea on the Tuesday, so it’s not the worst for the squad.

Absolutely correct, given that we have four games in fourteen days and play Ulsan away on the Tuesday before, Sunday night was always the only date that the Club, the FFA and Fox were ever going to consider.

I’m just purchasing my ticket now - $50 for a silver seat seems pretty steep.

Two Sydney FC players made ESPN’s A-League Team Of The Year

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Just trying to purchase tickets and cannot see the stadium map / seating location. Super annoying…

Didn’t come up for me either but only buying Cove so whatevs. Annoying part was only being able to choose “print at home” or “venue pickup”… surely we’ve done e-tickets before.

Oh, that and the traditional 1 hours notice. Fucks me off no end that you get an email at 11am saying tickets are live at midday. Earlier advice from FFA stated our tickets would only go on sale next week.

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I was able to find a mobile delivery option when confirming credit card details.

I elected (in the end) to choose the option to purchase the same seats as where I’m located during the regular season. Ticket details come through and I’m Silver (which is correct) however a completely different section, row and seat number…

I got the mobile delivery. Maybe it’s just a Cove thing to let them check tickets if necessary?

@Yellamo - I’m pretty sure we get our correct seats later. The indicative seats weren’t the real ones I think.

Here’s hoping!! Either way anywhere you sit is fairly good at Kogarah. Should be a cracking game and atmosphere!

Print at home is the same as mobile in reality? Just save the ticket to your phone

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