Semi-Final - Sydney FC vs Melbourne - 12/05/19 - Match thread


Top episode there.


Oh my sides!!!


I’m going to save it for the plane trip west they don’t get to make.


“I’m on suicide watch after that semi-final result” :laughing:

Skip to 5min 12seconds for the fun to begin


At least that explains where the “Vuck” moniker came from?

Also, haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere yet but by my count we’ve already qualified direct for another ACL malarkey next season. Tards will now have to play-off for a spot in the group stage, I expect their sphincters may contract to normal size just in time to be arse-blasted by Bangkok Glass and miss out.


I’m fairly sure AFC are redoing the allocation of places this year and we are, rightfully, going to lose a place. Now, I’m not sure if Australia lose our full place or the half place, so it’s possible we are on a half place right now.


Listening to that podcast I finally understand what the term “sparks joy” really means.


It was a mistake to try to listen to this while trying to work.


I thought it was staying the same for 2020 and our reduced allocation would apply from 2021. Pretty sure the Fox boffins said that during a recent match day, but who knows with the AFC.




Ah great news. Well I’m all for them getting turfed out in the play-offs.


Podcast also reminded me about them getting done by Apia, so their season was

  • beaten by a npl team in ffa cup.

  • first team in the acl to be eliminated from the group stage, goal difference currently -11 with 1 game to go.

  • finish third in the league

  • humiliated by their biggest rivals in a semi final.


Muscat in.


Vuck is a terrible nickname and I still don’t really understand it.



Amazing podcast. Reinforces that Muscat needs to stay forever. He inherited Ange’s side and its been a slow decline since then. Being a thuggy pack of cunts isnt a tactic.


that podcast is a thing of beauty.


and the musical choices are amazing.


I think it originated from how the NZ commentators pronounce them in the Phoenix home games as “Vuck-tree”


Let the record state that Muscat got the sack after the drubbing at the hands of Sydney…


If Kevin is leaving MVFC he’ll need to pass around his show reel to potential new employers