Semi Final - Sydney FC vs Perth - 26/08/2020

Happier with this match up than the alternative.

I’m curious what Corica settles on in midfield. Retre is a more solid option but Caceres does add a bit more flair.

Also any word on Zullo?

Would love for us to do to this semi-final opponent what we did to the last one.

Unfortunately, given our recent form I fear it will be more like :baguette_bread::peach:

Perth have won 2 of the last 6. We’ve won 1 of our last 6 (but 0 of out last 5). Neither team are in form and youd be thinking the winner of the other semi would be favourites.

Likely to be a low scoring game so hopefully we can take whatever chances come our way

We’re gonna get arse blasted.


Can see it being nil all and going to penalties.

Having both semi finals on as a double header is pretty good.

Is our defense playing well enough to keep a clean sheet given the attacking power Perth have? I’d say a 2-2 is more likely.

“Attacking power” might be overstating it a bit.

Popovic has a particular plan for elimination finals.

Plan is push early for a goal then park it


We need more Reza


Nap time!

I’d be more inclined to leave Ninko on the bench and use Caceres and Retre , they will try to kick the crap out of Ninko , so save him for later in the game ?
it’s a bit out of left field but Poppa will be relishing the thought to boot Ninko out of the stadium. just a thought.

We looked so much worse when Ninko didn’t play the other day. I can’t see any line-up that doesn’t include him.

I agree we sparked up when Ninko came on but I just think back when Poppa was managing the grubs at Western Sydney , he was happy to see his hit men play the man all day , not a bit of football. I’d hate to see Ninko get carried off after 10 minutes .

Even though Popovic’s tactics are glaringly obvious I don’t really see us overcoming the press considering how bad we’ve been going forward in recent weeks. Very likely to see the front 4 very isolated and unable to create much if Perth are disciplined. And we are likely to concede at least 1 goal because we’ve been making too many mistakes defensively.


The Sky Blues will likely be without leftback Michael Zullo for the finals series after the Australian international suffered a hamstring injury. He has been ruled out of the match against Perth and is in doubt to play in the decider, should Sydney reach it.

That’s a pretty huge out but at least King has shown he’s capable enough at this level. It’s just going to narrow our attacking options which may be a real issue.

A lot rests on Grant now.

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Anyone’s tickets available yet?

The email I got said they’d be held back until Monday, but I’m still getting the “check back later” message.

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I’m getting the same message as you

I just had a quick look at the table to cheer myself up by confirming that MV and Wests finished 2nd and 3rd last, and it had a last 5 games form widget, which revealed that this final is a match up by the worst 2 form sides of the comp. Us on 2 points and Perth (level with MV) on 3. The next worst team - the Mariners - bagged 5 points in their last 5.

Based on that, it’s going to be a high-scoring feast of champagne/liquid football (insert other cliches as you like).