Send in the Calvery - The Aaron Calver thread

Pun title pending; suggestions welcome. I’m pretty sure there’s no existing thread in the new forum.
Given his recent form, he deserves his own thread.

Calver made team of the week in Round 9.

"Jop van der Linden might have a tough time getting back into Sydney FC’s starting XI.

His deputy, 22-year-old Calver, was composed and combative in quelling a high-class opposition attack at nib Stadium.

Alex Wilkinson could have a new long-term partner in central defence"

Send in the Calvery?

I am fine with this.

There’s every reason for Calver to stay in the team now. It also seems to be that Calver works better with Wilkinson, so I’m looking forward to them playing more games together. While Calver is not a speed machine, Jop and Wilko are too slow a CB combo and more likely to be exposed by a quick #9.


A ‘Calver’ is a pregnant cow?

I actually like the guy so perhaps not the best pun to use.

Yeah, same here. He’s been really poor so far, and Calver has proven that he deserves a spot ahead of Jop.

Yeah, like Roy Krishna for example.

Yep, I think we’ll use this :slight_smile:

This is 100% my view. We need someone with at least some pace at the back. Zullo and Grant are playing suicidally high at times this season and so aren’t covering us there like they used to.

Hopefully he tackles hard enough to send a striker to Calvary…

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Off the stage! Now! :wink:

Would be thrilled for him. He’s been with us for ages it feels like and it’s always great to see a local boy come through.

Had though he’d be bit of an attraction for an expansion team but would obviously prefer him to become a starter with us. Wilko is slowing down too so we will need centre backs

Warland is due back from injury soon but between the three locals and tratt they should have aleague and ACL covered. Warland might get the nod for the left foot though.

Kid should’ve been given a go a long time ago. Can’t remember him ever putting in a bad shift when called in.

What a hit today

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The goal means Calver joins an elite club of Sky Blues players to score in under a minute — Shannon Cole doing so in 26 seconds against Victory in 2008-09 and Dimi Petratos doing so after 36 seconds in 2011-12 against - you guessed it - Brisbane.