I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to Sydney FC statistics:


Read my welcome blog post as a bit of an introduction to the site, what’s there and what’s coming.

In particular, if you’d like to contribute anything — either from my “wishlist” or your own idea — please get in touch.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!


This is awesome Rowdy. Well done mate and the ‘on this day’ whilst probably one of the easier things to put together (could be mistaken) is such a great idea. Tip my hat

Great initiative, thanks so much! The link to SFCU for MOTM is cool and the data base is thorough. Let’s hope no one uses it for the Tuesday player quizzes.

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Wilkinson’s 4 yellows in 5136 league minutes is ridiculous.

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This will be getting added as a menu item at the top of the sfcu page

This is insane. Thank you very much, must of took a lot of time and effort.

Some of the captains we’ve had, hahaha. Disco Stu.

Yeah this is phenomenal work.

Words can’t even begin to describe how brilliant this is. Fantastic job now get some sunlight!

Who was our last Red Card given to? #100 should’ve been celebrated!

Great work Rowdy, and much appreciated for when Wiki just won’t do.

Yeah, thanks for keeping me awake until 2am wading through it. :wink: Amazing stuff.

Lol Sthimmo… 23 starts, 22 yellows and 1 red.

That’s 100 red cards total in SFC matches: Sydney FC players have received 51 of them, and our opponents 49.

The last one (#100) was Roy O’Donovan in that away loss to Newcastle last season. Sydney’s last player to be sent off was Matty Simon in the Avraam Papadopoulos incident, Round 8 last season.

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Also just one thing that might not be completely obvious: on any of the ‘sortable’ tables like the player list, you can hold Shift when clicking the column headers to sort by multiple columns.


Well in Rowdy.

I run my own stats on the Roar and throw up info on Twitter but I definitely ain’t as comprehensive as yourself.

SFC Bias right there.

I’m really enjoying looking back through the friendlies. E.g. After missing out on the finals at the end of the 08/09 season we played two friendlies: one against Jets who also missed out, and one against Shanghai Shenhua, and Tony Popovic was manager! :exploding_head: Amazing…

This looks awesome. Love scrolling through the list of names and remember some obscure players

Not sure if this is covered under “what’s coming”, so just a suggestion:

At the moment competitive matches can only be viewed season by season. It would be super handy to have them viewable by opposition as well, so say drop down from a menu and be able to see every Big Blue in chronological order.

I know head-to-head summaries by opponent are available on Ultimate A-League (e.g. Sydney FC :: Ultimate A-League), but there’s no capability from there to drill down and see the individual match history that makes up those records.

Yep I’m working on exactly that at the moment. It’ll actually be a fully customisable search function, where you can set parameters like day of the week, venue, referee, number of goals scored, and heaps of other things — opponent is of course one. You’ll also be able to summarise your search results by some factor.

I posted some examples up on Twitter yesterday:

(The full list of matches will appear on the page, I just cut it off in most of the screenshots)

I’ve got the search itself pretty much working, it’s just the user interface that I need to finish.


The feature to search by referee will be interesting, we may realise we have more enemies than we thought ( or friends by the same token).

Are you able to give us a sneak peek as to whether getting Beathed is a real phenomenon?