SFCU A-League Fantasy - 2023/24

Reminder to please amend your team this week or a card will have to be issued. :pray:

It appears last weekend you went down to just the one SFC player in Lolley, usually that would be an instant slice of cheese :yellow_square: for compounding the existing issue, but on this occasion I figure trading Fabio out before he went and bagged a brace in the derby is punishment enough. :wink:

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First slice of cheese :yellow_square: has been issued to Sunday Gentleman (Ben) for persistent infringement as detailed above. Please trade in 2 more players from Sydney’s one true football team.

Last chance saloon for Sunday Gentleman (Ben), existing card has been upgraded to orange :orange_square: as there’s still just the one SFC player (Lolley) in your squad.

Please attempt to rectify and get back to the minimum of 3 SFC players this week. :pray:

Are there any ins/outs for this week? Can see the Liberty one, but not the men’s!

Int window.

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Yep, enjoy the week off. The next ALM fixture is next Friday night 29/03 at Coopers, Adelaide vs Western.

Duh! :person_facepalming:t4:

Back on tonight.

SFC, Melby City, CCM & Perth all play twice this round.

Sad to report another ejection, Sunday Gentleman (Ben) has been issued a yellow card so :orange_square: + :yellow_square: = :red_square: , still only the one SFC player in Joe Lolley and no attempt has been made over recent weeks to get back up to the minimum of 3.

Clean slates continue for the 17 remaining. :+1:

I’m shit outta trades but for anyone still able there is just the one midweek catch-up game remaining in the round after this, it’s scheduled for Tuesday 16/04 between Western and Adelaide so they will play twice in that round. Everyone else back to a nice manageable one game per weekend / round.

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I haven’t logged in for weeks.

Am I still at the bottom of the table?

You are #14 (in great company with Cruyff, Brosque and Alonso):

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Guaranteed to finish at least 17/20! Wohoo.

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That battle for 15/16 is really shaping up for the end of the season!

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