SFCU Patrons and Annual supporters - Dec 2021

Hi Patrons and contributors,

a couple of things to cover, firstly some bad news. Due to my recent surgery, I’m going to postpone the planned giveaway for patrons and contributors till next month. Never having had surgery before I seriously underestimated the impact on my mobility and energy level. I’ll get it sorted for next month.

Secondly, for those of you who are annual Paypal contributors, the renewal date is Dec 1st. DM me for the Paypal details if you need it.

Thank you all as always for your contributions and an extra thank you to CountArach, Shilo and AlternativePM who have taken on match previews and reviews and of course to Rowdy for running POTY once again.



Get well soon mate.

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As we say in Portugal, “as melhoras”.

Get well soon mate

Get well soon, brother. We need your righteous anger around here.

Done. Thanks.

Thanks as always mate.

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Hey Jubal, can you double check if I’m still active?

Donated for the first time, felt dirty being a freeloader

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On Patreon? nope, it only ran for a month, but since you doubled up in Sept yours isn’t due till Jan.

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Do I get a coin on my avatar? I only did it so I can look down my nose at others

Sorry, I’ve been slacking, will sort it out for new patrons today.

Thank you sir - i look forward to sneering at peasants

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Sneer away, Patron Master Race.

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