Squad Speculation Thread 2018/19


Can someone with a Daily Tele subscription post the following article here? It’s behind a paywall and I wouldn’t mind reading it. Cheers.



It seems we have a couple of Sydney Olympic trialists with us:

Players currently training with Sydney FC

Tom Whiteside - Sydney Olympic
Alex Sanchez - Sydney Olympic

Sanchez would take up a foreign slot so I’m not sure I’m keen on that, and I don’t know anything about Whiteside.

Edit: seems the author deleted the original tweet so I’ll just copy the text to preserve their anonymity.


Sanchez would actually be a pretty interesting signing. Career mainly in Secunda B and already settled into Sydney. Havent seen him play but according to transfermarkt he can play up front or left wing. If hes got some pace Im listening.

Whiteside looks to be a defender from the very little I can find.


It’s been a week since Trent’s injury and no one has suggested Ali Abbas as his replacement, for shame.


Maybe not, but I watched his comeback goal in the Amazing Scenes thread a good half dozen times today.


The roar after that goal was probably one of the loudest ever heard for what was essentially a meaningless goal and only surpassed at this club by GF winning goals/final whistle and the Forza chant after Grants goal. Considering the game was being played in the soulless hellhole that is Homebush, it’s even more impressive.
Here’s some up high sideline footage. Have a look at the anticipation, the speed and purpose the sideline crowd rise with when it’s realised that the chance has fallen to Ali. The subsequent celebrations from the normally reserved sideline crowd, unbridled joy for an absolute belter of a guy.
There should be a “nice-guy” concession in the salary cap that way we can sign him on an open ended contract. The game has passed him by but just seeing his name in a squad list each week would make everything bad seem just a little bit better. The winding up of Wests fans is an added bonus.


What’s he up to anyway? He’s not playing professionally any more is he?


I thought he went back to Marconi last NPL season but it appears I have only imagined that.


I remember that game so vividly. I hated that we were playing at ANZ but Ali coming back and scoring was amazing and made the outing worthwhile.

Have to say, I’m so glad that we’re not playing our home games there this season. Kudos to the club - at a member’s forum a few years ago, when questioned about why we played games at ANZ instead of other grounds when Allianz wasn’t available, they said it was because ANZ stadium was much more attractive commercially. This season they could have just defaulted to ANZ for the commercial benefits, but instead listened to the fans.


So much dust in the stadium after that goal


Looks like we’ll be waiting for the Jan transfer window to find a replacement for Buhagiar.


I wasn’t there and didn’t see the game live on tv. I don’t think I even checked the result on LiveScore. For the life of me I can’t remember where I was or what I was doing.
It was sometime between reading the match report on FoxSports and seeing the replay of his goal in the same article that both of my eyes developed an allergic reaction to the light being emitted by my laptop. So weird that it occurred only when reading that article. I put it down to a failed News Ltd attempt to control our minds through their electronic publications.


Oh well , I guess with Jan really only being 2 full months away, prudent to hang out till then for better options.


Its the classic “sign a better player than we should because the cash is paid over a shorter time” and with the visa spot we could nab someone decent. Does make it odd then that Sanchez is on trial


Get Han Berger on the blower to Arjen Robben or similar. Sorted.


he’s past it


Confirmation from Bossi that we are trialling Sanchez:


Could be a handy squaddie to step in for Buhagiar. Wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg either.




Yeah sorry.