Squad Speculation Thread 2018/19


Dont fucking do that please. I read that as there was some rumour of him going at seasons end and I was feeling absolutely deflated


Man, reading articles from The Roar is like proof reading a year 10 student’s essay.

In any case, Ninko has spoken frequently about loving Sydney (the city) and the club and his desire to finish his career here. He’s happy, and his family are happy. Hopefully that means he’s not going anywhere.


Wilkinson’s replacement getting lined up already


Was actually just going to post something along the lines of “With Jop unlikely to stay and Wilkinson slowing down how do we play the CB situation- whilst a Calver-Warland partnership would be interesting it would lack a defensive leader”

But Id more than happily take Bart


What’s the go with Tratt? A couple of great games then injured BUT not listed as unavailable (injured) on the match squad list. Bart would be great, but I would love to see Tratt playing for us too.


Probably the fourth choice CB right now and second choice RB (or maybe third) might not get much games until ACL kicks off


Wouldn’t be surprised if Calver goes elsewhere for more regular game time.New Melbourne side perhaps?


Would happily take die Bart, die.


He is contracted for another year so my tip is South West Sydney.

But yeah Shenkenveld is quality. I’d take him in a heartbeat.


Good player, but he’d need to stop wearing stubbies


Maybe we still have a few pairs of Zac Anderson’s shorts to lure him in.


Comparatively how many game has Honda missed to Siem?


De Jong has played 13 games in all competitions. Honda has played 10.


Toivonen has also missed a heap


Zuvela and Tratt at the match yesterday, sitting in the same row, Injured players section? Both seemed in good spirits. Looking forward to seeing them on the the park again.


Seems like a breach of the no dickhead policy but Bratten and Schenkenveld would be good business. Back to the 09/10 diamond maybe. Bratten is probably the best local passer of the ball in the league.


Brattan and Schenkenveld are dickheads? Since when? Not saying they’re angels by any stretch, but …

Schenkenveld would be an awesome signing. Good defender and so quick, which is something the majority of defenders in this league are not, especially pace-wise. Brattan is too inconsistent for mine. Has a brilliant 4-5 games a year and is average for the rest of them, if that.


Brattan strikes me as a dickhead, Schenkeveld definitely not though.

I’d happily have Schenkeveld but if we’re in the market for a CM then we should go after Hiariej.


Haven’t seen either kill a kitten but more gutfeel based on:

Bratten- see hair. Also seems to regularly get into verbals and crowd stuff.

Bart - I was at this game and it was hilarious but not a great look. To be fair if I scored against them it would much, much worse than running past the bench.


Beat on the Bratt (*)
Beat on the Bratt
Beat on the Bratt with a baseball bat
Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh-oh

(*) Replace with “Bart” as appropriate