Streets of our town - the Sydney thread

We were in Cairns one week after Steve Irwin got stingrayed. Went on a croc tour & the guy was this grizzled local who declared to a boatload of yank tourists ( and me ) that he thought Steve Irwin was a & a quote " a crazy fuckwit" . I was the only who laughed.


I’m watching The Bush Tucker Man atm.

I reckon Les Hiddins is what Steve Irwin wanted to be, he just bunged it on way too much.

In my younger days I spent a fair few dark nights dragging a prawn net around a bay in the harbour (above the bridge). We got a lot of good prawns, but in the end we could not stand the stress. Sooner or later one of those swirls in the water was going to be serious.

Mind you all the dioxins I ingested probably explain why I do not have much hair and the loss of short term memory these days.

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Go to Merrylands empty-handed, leave full of sandwich

The Bush Tucker Man is legit

I was trying to find the dank pub thread but without luck. Anyway this thread is just as good. I was walking around town in my lunch hour today and stumbled on the barrack street RSL. I was a member before Covid but haven’t been there since. Anyway they had schooners of beer for 6 bucks still! I mean it was Super Dry but they had other beers as well. They also had steaks and chips, schnittys etc including a beer for 20 bucks.

I was amazed at the prices, Sure it is an old mans joint but blimey. Surely the cheapest beer in the CBD? Am I missing any cheaper places?


The Occidental has $5 pints. I also noticed a fair few pubs around central / Surry Hills to be offering $15 jugs. I was pleasantly surprised at how ‘cheap’ Sydney was on a recent trip home. I was fearing the worst.

Also, what a city. Sydney was thriving when i went home. It was probably the hardest time ive ever had leaving.


And the Occidental is rammed because of it… make something cheaper, sell more of it… not difficult economics.

Just because you sell more of something doesn’t mean that you make any money off it.
Using the above example, the RSL can sell at that price because they have 100’s of pokies to subsidise their losses and they’re part of the Tattersalls group. They’re getting you in with cheap food and drinks so you spend your money on their gaming facilities.

As for the pub example, a keg of Super Dry costs $335 (country price, city price is slightly more expensive). That doesn’t include freight or GST but you’re looking at roughly $350 delivered, ex GST. You get roughly 100 schooners from a keg once you take into account wastage and line cleaning so you’re looking at making around $300 on that keg so less than 50%gp. You then need to pay your staff, utilities, maintenance, rent & licence fees out of that. Don’t forget that the busier you are the more staff you need on. and once you reach a certain number of patrons you also require security. As a guide, the going rate these days for a bar person is around $25/hr during the day on a weekday, loading/penalty rates apply after 6pm.

For reference, when I first started in pubs (15 years ago) we were making around 60%-65%gp per schooner and that was a place with 30 pokies.
When I worked for Good Beer Company (Keg & Brew, Dove & Olive, DOG) we were hitting 80%gp per schooner due to having less pokies. We used to do a $4 happy hour at those venues where the idea was people would grab a feed on their way home which is where you make your margin back and while that worked to an extent, it certainly wasn’t a money making exercise. You basically had people smash down cheap piss, buy a large round just before happy hour finished, sit there for another hour taking up a table that diners could be using then head off home.

I mean Mitsubishi would sell more cars if they we’re all $20k a pop but they won’t be around long.


Don’t forget your gronk factor.

The cheaper the beer, the higher the gronk ratio.


I haven’t been there for a bit but the Wynyard hotel has similar prices for pints on their happy hour!

isn’t that a Hemmes establishment now?

Yep. Has been for a while now.

That’s a shame. When I was between jobs a few years ago I used to do some day time drinking there. They open early and were cheap. Perfect

Almost 30 years

Really? Wow. Guess that was his old man’s?

NSW Premier Chris Minns says there could be hundreds of asbestos contaminated mulch sites throughout Sydney.

“We have absolutely no idea how this could have happened,” says a spokesman for the mulch suppliers ‘Asbesto-mulch’.

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Shock horror, government contractors cutting corners.

I don’t think it’s entirely their fault. You can blame them for not testing/screening the mulch prior to dispersing it but you’d expect the manufacturer to have done that

I think what you’ll find is that the green waste would be sourced from the local tip. You’d have all sorts of maintenance/gardeners/handymen dumping any of their asbestos into their green waste and disposing it for free rather than pay for the high cost to correctly dispose it. You’d also have a lot of green waste from the flood clean up in the Windsor region that could have been contaminated.

I saw enough in the post-flood clean up up here to know that the removal and disposing of asbestos wasn’t always done in the the correct manner.