Survey on what the club stands for

Anyone else get this?

Sydney FC is undertaking research to determine how our club Members want their club to engage and support causes, issues and charities within our community going forward.

This information will help the club formulate new and improved long term programs and initiatives.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Your insights are of great value to us and we thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.

How many questions can I answer “rainbow jersey”?


Halfway through reading that I was saying “rainbow jersey farken” so I’m pleased now that I’ve read to the end.

They know we want a rainbow jersey. They don’t care.



They should stand for a dedicated coffee & cannoli stand at home matches.


Limousine drivers to take me to the game, but also the game is in my back yard.

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Rainbow jersey WHEN

Cupholders, when the hell will the club bring in cupholders!

And also the banning of all fruit and fruit like items from savoury meals sold in the stadium!

Also you know those guitars that are like, double guitars


Pineapple on Pizza?

The MLS have Soccer Moses.

We could have the Football Chisel.

Jimmy Barnes can come out and scream for Sydney FC

Hilly’d enjoy that - he loves his bogan rock…

I know he was disappointed he couldn’t be there for this.


Barnes doing that song, Yorke in the papers, the guy from Savage Garden supporting Brisbane and of course, Dicko changing clubs every season really brings back the days of short sugar hit publicity using celebrities with attention spans of a goldfish… also great to look back and see how none of that had any long term benefit to the league, well maybe Yorke did.

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Pineapple is a fruit, fruit is a dessert, pizza is a main, enough said

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Tomatoes are a berry. Berries are a fruit.

is Pizza just a circular fruit salad with savoury toppings?


Part of me is excited about the prospect of a rainbow jersey and part of me is terrified at the prospect of discovering our supporter base is primarily made up of homophobes that want a Cops Are Tops round.

Homo cops are tops!


I’m sure at least a few would be bottoms…