Sydney FC dodgy internship

Just logged in for the first time in a week and can’t believe there doesn’t seem to be any mention of this. The most newsworthy (or at least widely reported) thing our club has done in months.

Yeah it’s pretty fucked.

Really? They clarified and corrected it. If you’re in that field I reckon you’d give an arm for that experience one day a week and to maybe get your foot in the door.

Nothing to see, but everyone else gonna hate.

The role as advertised should have been legally a paid position. Just because people would do it for nothing doesn’t change anything.


Internships as a whole have that element of being great but unfeasible for those less well off.
It’s similar to tertiary education - it’s to help you get work and better yourself, but you have to start with something already or you either can’t do it or have to have a job at the same time to support yourself.

As it is, that role was apparently meant to be for 3-4 people adding up to those ~4 days per week which is a less offensive proposition and more like an internship than an unpaid part time job. Whether it was really incorrectly worded or the club is just covering their arses, it’s hard to know.

Agreed. It got the air time here it deserved.

Club has been using internships for years.

If you’re in that field I reckon you’d give an arm for that experience one day a week and to maybe get your foot in the door

And how is that in any way okay? Are you shitting me?

Offering a minimum casual rate for this role and the memberships admin role costs the club $20k p.a.

It’s a 1% reduction in our marquee spend, or a 15c/member/month membership levy.

I don’t think there’s an excuse.


Do you really think we’re doing it just to save a buck? I’d imagine it’s because these sorts of arrangements are common place the football world over. Christ, they’re common place in pretty much every industry in Germany.

No ones forcing candidates to take it.

The arrangement as was offered is illegal. End of story.


Fuck a minimum wage too hey? If people are willing to work for $4/hour, why stop them?


Yeah, because that’s TOTALLY the same… :roll_eyes:


Forza Sweatshop FC.


Branko Culina was ahead of his time when he said he would do the job for $50.


He would have been overpaid at half that

I would have paid him $50 to piss off