Sydney FC fixtures released

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A derby at Kogarah will be an interesting experience, but thank God it’s not at ANZ.

About bloody time although damn you Phoenix again for scheduling the game before Christmas.

Surprised we got Nux thrice

Also note that next to the home game against West Sydney there’s a “subject to approval” asterisk.

4pm Sunday is a much better time

Except for those sitting on the hill.

No Australia Day away this season.

It’s like they put the Christmas week home game on every year especially for me. Thanks!

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Australia Day doesn’t work there because they have an ACL qualifying fixture a couple of days after Australia Day.

Ahh I see, at least they made it as close to the date as possible.

The Cove setup at SCG was pretty sweet, but for pretty much every other reason I’m not upset to see the back of it.

Also, doesn’t look like they’ve done us too many favours RE: ACL? Only one bye at the front end of it, we were probably hoping for another in there.

Although domestic travel has been minimised, there’s only one trip away from the east coast to Adelaide.

Do like that Sydney derbies and Big blues seem nicely spread

That draw isn’t balanced?

You can download the fixtures to your iCalender here


Why the fuck would they put us away to Newy at 7pm on a Friday night? How the hell is anyone supposed to get to that?

It’s school/uni holidays and close enough to the start of the new year that I imagine a decent number of people will still be on holidays. That said, fans are usually the lowest point of concern for fixture creation.

Because the ffa give no consideration to away fans.


They considered me and that’s all that matters. Drive down Friday and drive home Saturday in time for work that night :grin: