Sydney FC player quiz - new game every Tuesday

It’s back starting tomorrow!

The rules are:

  1. Starting Tuesday morning (usually), I will post up a clue for a former Sydney FC player. I will post one more clue each day that someone does not guess it.
  2. Each day every person has 1 guess ONLY. If you make a second guess it will not count.
  3. Please do not use google for any clues or use stats sites like SFCStatistics or Ultimate A-League. This just saps the fun out of it for everyone.
  4. When I talk about “competitive appearances” or “competitive goals” I mean League/Finals, OCL, ACL, FFA Cup and Club World Cup. Anything beyond that (like pre-season cup games or the Townsville Cup) will not count towards total appearances. Some clues may relate to these other competitions, but if that is the case then I will be specific about that.
  5. The use of nicknames is not mandated but is strongly encouraged.

I’ll keep track of the number of wins from each person in the first post. Once the archive comes back online, I will also bring the old forum scores across to here (I seem to remember it was stitty on a lot of points and not much for others…).

stitty - 2
Paulska - 2
Jubal1 - 1


Pretty sure I was the inaugural winner with David Zdrilic :flying_saucer:

Game 1, Clue 1

  1. I was born in 1984.

Given that there is way more activity here compared to the old forum, I might start with the year first for a game or two to see how it goes.

Alex Wilkinson?


They’re usually ex-players, right? So that their stats with us are finalised?

In that case I will say Bobo.

Yeah I thought that as well about the former players but new thread, new forum, maybe being tricky.

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Next game isn’t for almost two weeks. I don’t see why this one couldn’t be a current player.

But it’s so much more fun remembering the Saladbars, Tallan Martin’s and Ryan Walsh’s than our current crop of actual footballers. :wink:

David “pants man” Carney



All incorrect thus far.

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Beau “Invisible” Busch

Matthew “Do The Monster” Nash

Mark Bridge?

Jacques “Too Sexy” Faty


All incorrect

If someone gets it again really early is it worth maybe putting a cap on it like 10 guesses a day?

That’s why I’m going with the year first, if it becomes a problem I’ll just make the players harder to guess.