Sydney FC Women 2018-19


Maybe because I’m buying a single seat… fuck it, I can’t be arsed.


I’m only being offered potentially restricted view tickets in UPPER5… are there actually restricted views from up there?


Mine said the same, but I doubt it.


I think the front row or two has a metal bar in their way which might account for it.


Got 4 tickets in South West Upper Stand.

PAX up to 3982 at about 10 am today. I assume that season tickets don’t count so we are probably about 4,300 now. So, 5,000 present on the day?


Season tickets don’t get in free do they? So PAX would be the actual number.

I’d say given the weather looks good 4800-5000 sounds about right.


There are some W-League (only) members as well, but I’m guessing that figure would be quite low.


But I assume they wouldn’t get into finals games right?


Oh yeah, of course.


The other day (Monday I think) when I went by the stadium all the Sydney FC signage had been taken down.

I guess they weren’t to know but it would have been good for it to have all still been there for Saturday. Maybe they’ll put it all back. On second thoughts, it’s probably all over at Leichhardt now.


Am I right in understanding this to mean the Cove will be there for the game?


PAX is at 6039 as of right now. Could be on course for a record breaking crowd.


Polias is a proper club legend:


Disappointed she’s with some guy called Foti. I always hoped she’d hook up with Seb Ryall and commence our academy breeding program.


Fantastic to see the back page of this mornings SMH. Actually looks better in the print version complete with images of the famous Kerr back flip and super hero coloured font. (you probably have to see it!)

At last a story selling/ bigging up/promoting football in bold tabloid style, on the actual morning/eve of the match.

Top story also, grand to see the impact Kerr has and her increasing profile in the game and Australian sportscape.



Great turnout


Great start from the women


Should be a goal up already. McCaskill gets in front of her defender and puts it on the crossbar from about 2m out.


Huerta with an absolute banger.