The Adam Le Fondre Thread

His partnership with Ninkovic is already a thing of beauty. That passing in between the two of them passing it around in the box was stunning stuff that deserved a goal

Sensational signing.

It’s too early to say if he’ll beat Bobo’s record or even come close but I’m calling it now that he’s a better player.

Early days, but his speed alone makes him better in many aspects of the game.

It was obvious from his first competitive game for us that he brings a different dimension to our attack than Bobo, who, while being an excellent finisher, lacked pace and creativity.

Le Fondre is involved far earlier in the creation of goals, he’s more versatile around the box while having the same positioning and reactive instincts as Bobo had, I also think he’s more unpredictable. He’s no as good in the air as Bobo was, but is every bit as capable when it comes to penalties.

I think he suits our tika-taka through the middle style of attack better but isn’t as good an outlet for fullback crosses, though with some adjustments (low, hard crosses or cut back to the edge of the area) that could be a strength.

the seagulls…

“it’s a little bit Blackpool”


The fact that Le Fondre isn’t as good in the air as Bobo is a good thing in my opinion. I feel that there were a few times under Arnold where we seemed to lack ideas in the final third and occasionally we would just get lazy and needlessly float in a cross in the hope that Bobo would finish it, which he sometimes did. It might be a good thing that we can’t really do this anymore because Le Fondre isn’t quite as good in the air. It will force us to hold onto the ball and we will have to try be a little more creative.

I think we played our most attractive football under Arnold when our creative players were really firing and creating stuff through the middle. When they had off days, or the opposition was defending well we often just went out to the wings and put crosses in, which is fine, it won us games but I think most would agree its not brilliant football. We might be slightly more free flowing and creative in the final third with Le fondre as the main striker.

He might not be as good in the air in the box, but I actually think he’s better than Bobo in terms of challenging and hold-up play. Some of his knockdowns to teammates have been superb.

The way he can receive and bring down a long ball at full pace with a touch that is the first step in a manoeuvre around a defender is a beautiful thing to behold. He is that rare sort of striker; simultaneously hunger for goals but never panics with the final shot.

Yeah, that’s something that he keeps displaying, lovely to watch.

I bloody love his confidence:

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I’m neutral on if he’s better or not than Bobo. Has to beat Bobo’s first season numbers first.

First or second season numbers?

He might not score quite as many goals but I reckon he’ll earn a few more assists. He’s much more mobile and involved earlier in build up play. It’s early days yet, but I like what I’ve seen so far.

First season numbers

Bobo’s first season was 15 goals HAL, 1 goal FFA Cup.

Le Fondre so far is 4 HAL, 3 FFA Cup

So he’s pretty much halfway there aleady, barring injury he should hit 20+ this season.

What’s his shots to goals scored ratio compared to Bobo (and the rest of our strikers if possible)? I would imagine he would be a lot more clinical than Bobo who seemed to miss an awful lot of chances.

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Or penalties.