The Adam Le Fondre Thread


In any case, all the play was always in and around the box.


Mine was clearly phoning it in for years…


Didnt score tonight. ALF out


He didn’t help my fantasy. I captained him expecting at least one goal. I think we should start looking elsewhere


Missed an easy one on one. Starting to play more like Bobo


First game where he hasn’t scored, I’d give him a break.


Le Fondre was on shootout tonight on Fox Sports.


Bobo did have Adrian and Ninkovic creating behind him. At the moment Alf only has Ninkovic. I’d be interested to know what their comparative chances per game are (but obviously that had its own limitations on where the chance are)


Love how confident Alfie is.

For me, he’s as good as HAL strikers get. He’s scoring goals in a team that isn’t anywhere near as good as Bobo’s two years yet looks twice as deadly.


Noticed in an article today that ALF is nowhere near the top of Alex Tobin medal points. Grant and Ninkovic both ahead of him, which sounds pretty weird. From memory Krishna is on 15, and ALF didn’t figure in the list which went down as low as 8.


Funny, in the first few rounds the fox sports team where loving him.


Don’t forget this is voted for by the people that had Luke Bratten almost pipping (1pt behind) Adrian for the award last season.
For reference Bobo was 6th, 10 points behind Adrian but was the highest placed striker. Given he and Alfie share a very similar record I guess his position is consistent.


Good little read this one:


Was just coming to post that. Some nice comments from ALF. The FFT/Inside Sport are really liking their sensationalist headlines he doesnt really say that.


Loving having Alf at the club. Great piece of recruitment. Seems like a good bloke as well


Yeah, Terry McFlynn’s whole “they must fit into the culture of the club and not just be a good player” line is definitely not just lip service.


The no dickhead policy has to be one the best decisions that has been made at the club (albeit we had to learn the hard way).


Alfie seems like a cracking character to have in the dressing room and he’s a brilliant player as well. Club have had a blinder in replacing Bobo with him.



Has ALF got a song yet? None of my other songs have ever taken off, so may as well throw another into the ether here.

I thought love was only true in fairytales
Meant for someone else but not for me
Mierzejewski left me
Bobo went away
I thought we’d never win the league again

And then I saw your face
Now I’m a believer
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind
I’m in love! Oooooh
Adam Le Fondre
Your sausage rolls are
On my mind