The beer thread - New England Double IPA edition

Don’t mind them at all!!

Actually one place that will definitely have yank beers is the beer barrel in chippendale. Great range, but it’s not going to be your quaffable easy drinking stuff.

Oh yeah apart from Sierra Nevada, this goes for the breweries I put above too.

Any good bottle shops outside of the cbd for beer? Used to do craft cartel and beer cartel but theyre now click and collect. I like having a browse

Thirstville in Marrickville
Odd Culture in Newtown (bonus for having lots of rare and hard to get stuff)
Barny’s in Rosebery

They’re my go-to, all with a pretty good selection and a lot of variety.

Dammit, all on the wrong side of Sydney :frowning:

If you’re southish, loftus liquor does a big range of craft

Im an idiot for not writing my location straight away hahaha I’m around the Ryde area. Mr Liquor in Drummoyne used to be really good, but found their selection was quite limited last time around.

Little Bottler at Midway Shopping Centre has a decent selection if I remember. I haven’t been there personally in a while though.

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Not exactly close to Ryde but always worth pulling into for a browse and something interesting is Northmead cellars. The staff are always helpful with a recommendation and stock regularly changes so there’s always something new.

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If anyone is interested in coming up to the Coast for the local beer day here are the details Central Coast Local Beer Day

For ten dollars you get free bus between venues and a schooner at each of the four breweries. Incredible deal.

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Thanks for this. Went here and a pretty decent selection!

Cheers to all for the suggestions. Couldn’t make it to Oak Barrel or Beer Cartel for the pickup so just went with a couple 4 packs of the Sierra Nevada cans.

Appears the only readily available imported option, decent drop which is serving its purpose. :beer:

Working through the process of trying to make the perfect Pilsner.

Still a way off but getting there with incremental improvements.

One thing that has been a major difference is the pour.

This morning while listening to a podcast that touched on Czech wet pours, I had a realisation that while I dont have a proper side pull Lukr tap I could get pretty close with a stout tap and some extra beer line to pour from under the foam.

This is a great article that explains the ideas behind it.

This my current attempt and gets me about 90% of the way there.


That does look very inviting.

I have to say, Yullis sea bass lager at the stadium is an absolute great choice. It’s become my go to beer even when not forced to drink out of a plastic cup.


Nice. I’m not usually much of a lager drinker, so it’s generally Stone & Wood for me at the stadium, but now you’ve said this I’ll have to give it a try at the City game.


You will soon come around.


It’s funny cause I tend to prefer sours and lagers atm.

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You are finally maturing.

I must be weird. I started my journey with sours.

Never. I’ll be back to ales when the weather turns!