The beer thread - New England Double IPA edition


Balter make a Pilsner, no idea what it’s like though as they’re not really my kind of beer. Moo Brew Pilsner is supposed to be good as well.

If you’re going to eat make sure you go on an empty stomach and don’t go on a hot day. It’s very much Central European comfort food. It is the perfect place on a cold, wet and rainy winter night though.
If you just want beers then you can sit at the small bar. The staff are generally pretty chatty.


Yep, love Tommy’s, I’ve been there quite a bit. There was also one in St Leonards that shut down a while ago, but Tommy’s is better. I’m fortunate that there’s an Austrian beer bar in Dee Why within walking distance from my place and they have a “Czech corner” with 3 Czech beers on tap :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve tried it, not much of a fan though.


The sauerkraut is pretty amazing too.


I had the Steam Funk Saison from Deep Creek Brewing Company tonight.

Really solid Saison, not as wild as some of the other ones I’ve had before, but well balanced and a nice mild flavour. Good carbonation and a lovely mild spice flavour. Would be quite sessionable for this sort of style and for something with a 5+% alcohol content.


Haven’t had too many exotic brews recently, I’m currently happy with Dan Murphys offerings like Goose Island IPA, Newtowner, 4 Pines pale and Little Creatures pale.

Tried Balter XPA on tap at the Sussex Hotel last week in Barangaroo which I’ve just learnt was no. 1 on a top 100 Aussie craft beers list this year.

I’d still rate Feral Hop Hog higher, to me it’s still the best Aussie IPA.

I occasionally splurge on La Chouffe 700mL bottles, at around $16 it’s expensive for bottled beer, but it’s Belgian strong beer and much better value than the average $16 bottle of wine. Highly recommend it, although I mainly drink it because it takes me back to drinking fantastic Belgian beers in public squares in Brussels and Antwerp.


The current version of the Stone & Wood Jasper Ale is brilliant. It’s a nice hoppy red ale. I hope they don’t change it anymore.


I’m a fan of Balter XPA, also really love Hop Hog.

La Chouffe is one of my favourites, and is actually priced quite well all things considered. The 700ml bottles line you up for a nice night in :slight_smile:


Just been reading through this thread and saw this post. There’s a bottlo in Orange that stocks the full Pioneer range, there like a dozen or so different beers, they’re all quality. Kelly’s on the corner of Lords Place and Moulder Street if you’re in the area.
Also Badlands is stocked out at the Agrestic Grocer just out of town on the way to Molong. They’ve got a shitload on tap and do really good food in the cafe too.


The D’quino Liquior Stores out this way stock them all - the Pioneer crew are awesome. Had a great chat with them during the Bathurst Winter Featival.

Badlands is brewed out of the Agrestic Grocer location I believe.


Is anyone on untappd? I’ve been on a big unique hunt in the last few years and am now closing in on 1,100 different beers - in large part thanks to Noble Hops opening up across the road.

My account: Denis M. on Untappd


I tried Dad & Dave’s Belgian IPA last night. Man, I really liked it. I was skeptical before trying it but enjoyed it from the first sip. Interesting combination of flavours, a little bit of Belgian blonde ale mixed with the hoppiness that you get with an IPA, hard to describe but a really satisfying beer. Can’t wait to get home tonight to have a few more!


Murray’s Bloodmoon was very disappointing. Definitely not something i’ll be buying in the future


I was on it a few years ago but got sick of using it. One of the guys I work with is obsessed and has over 5000 beers on there, but the thing is he’s always trying to add to it so he rarely goes back and enjoys beers that he’s rated highly.


Craft Cartel has 25% off all beer with free delivery $100 and over:


Two Heads Brewing, based out of Bathurst, are doing a tap takeover at Hotel Sweeney’s tomorrow.

If you get a chance, head down and check out what they’ve got to offer. The two Hedley boys are great blokes to chat to and the beers are pretty fantastic.


Alternatively, Bucket Boys are doing a Wildflower showcase, with 6 of their beers on tap. I said it earlier in the thread but I’ll repeat it: if you haven’t had Wildflower stuff before, you have to get on it because it is some of the most interesting stuff in Australia right now.


What a strange showcase given the wildflower brewery is less than 1km from bucket boys and is open for tastings from their whole range.


It’s open about 6 hours per week though.


Mmm true. I would think those that frequent bucket boys would be the type to make time to get down to the brewery though.