The Ćevapi files: Sydney FC in the NPL1

Everton FC won the 60th BV 04 Easter tournament for the U19 Champions Trophy. In the final, the English beat Sydney FC 3-1 on penalties. After 50 regular, exciting minutes the score was 0-0. It is the first title for the Toffees, who draw level with arch-rivals Liverpool FC, who won the Easter tournament 25 years ago. And of all things in the penalty shootout. Traditionally, English teams don’t actually look that good.

In the game for third place, Borussia Mönchengladbach beat Fortuna 3-1 in the derby. Engjell Krasniqi (26th), Josiah Uwakhonye (32nd) and Flavijo Hoxha (33rd) shot Borussia to victory. With four goals, Josiah Uwakhonye took home the trophy for the tournament’s top scorer. FC Nordsjaelland came fifth with a 10-9 win on penalties against the Japanese university team.

For four days there was top-class U19 football at the BV 04 facility. The Australians in particular have gained many new fans. In the semi-final, for example, they won the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach 3-2 after being 2-0 down. Jacob Brazete’s dream shot to score the winning goal in particular sparked enthusiasm.

Overall, the tournament organizers were satisfied. 4,000 spectators were at the facility on Roßstrasse over the four days of the event. Tournament director Martin Meyer: “In view of the support of the city and the media presence that we had in the run-up to the tournament, we would have liked a few more spectators. Our guests’ performance definitely deserved it.”

It was the last tournament for the tournament management around Martin Meyer, Marcus Giesenfeld and Piet Keusen. Next year BV 04 will take over the organization again. The three leave with sadness: “Not only have we organized the tournament for years, we also spent our childhood Easter at BV 04. It’s strange to no longer be responsible, but we will continue to support BV 04. We wish our successors much success and will be happy to come back at Easter 2025.” The first participants for the 2025 tournament have been invited. Defending champions FC Everton have to defend their title, the Japanese university team wants to come back and BV 04 as hosts wants to repeat their great performance from this year. The 61st Easter tournament for the U19 Champions Trophy begins on April 17, 2025.
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“Traditionally, English teams don’t actually look that good” has made my evening


To top off the senior team debacle in Newy, looks like the kids got pumped 8-0 by Blacktown.

Fold the club.

Jesus. Just as well the ladies had the week off.

Yeah, and the Stigma Youth go clear at the top of the ladder (although they do have 2 games in hand) over second placed Rockdale) :face_vomiting:

I don’t think we’re going to have a great season, obviously it was a very young inexperienced squad, but I don’t see us doing much better than last season.

It was an absoloute orgy of ex-Sydney players on the scoresheet against us however, Joey Gibbs and Mitch Mallia both grabbed 2 each

We’ve promoted quite a few players recently so it should come as no surprise. I reinforce my view, though, that guys like Amanatidis absolutely have to be coming back to the NPL team to play. It’s no good for his development being useless for 15-20 minutes of A-League action every week. He needs to prove himself at NPL1 level just like others have before him.

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Yeah, it just doesn’t seem fair that the rules allow for an incident to be re-prosecuted for Mak, but not for Cancar, who should have been charged for unsportsmanlike conduct, baiting Mak and then feigning injury

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Big game for the boys tonight against relegation favourites Sutherland.
Really need to bounce back from that 8-0 last week and need to show some improvement in defence. A loss or draw here and we’re firmly in a relegation battle.

I wonder if Aaron Gurd will get a run? I noticed he was named in the extended squad for tomorrow’s game so appears to have overcome his injury.

Stupid penalty to give away only matched by the pathetic attempt at taking it.
I don’t think Pav will get an easier save

Finished 0-0.
Defensively we’re a rabble. Pavlesic kept us in the game and was the clear MOM.

The only positive I can take out of it is that there won’t be a midseason gutting of the side as most of these boys aren’t up to the level.

Some of it may be out of his control but the constant chopping and changing of the squad by JVW isn’t helping.

I’d be interested to see how old some of these players are. If a lot of them are fresh coming out of U18s or something, it probably explains why there’s a bit of a dip in quality. Not all of the youths stepping into the NPL1 team are going to be great. We’ve been spoiled in the last 12-18 months. JGR, Hollman, Kucharski, Matthews have all moved up to the first-team squad. Glasson and Amanatidis are getting quite a number of first team appearances off the bench. And obviously, Adamson got his opportunity as well before he even had a contract.

We’re very young this year if this list is anything to go by.

It was definitely a young and inexperienced side last night outside of Scarcella, Glasson, Amanatidis and Pavlesic. I know he’s young but I’d still throw De Jesus into that equation as well given his exposure to the first team. He was was dragged around the 70 minute mark.

We’re not going to have a vintage crop coming through every year, I realise that. I’m actually not all that concerned about that in the attacking half where we look to have and endless stream of players with talent. Marin France was the best outfield player last night and looks to be cut from the same cloth as Tiago Quintal.

It’s at the back where I’m concerned. Not one of the players looks like they’ve got the potential to go on with it. Our CB’s are routinely misjudging long balls, there’s been enough said about Zac De Jesus already and LB is a rotating door of players with no one making the position theirs. We’re a quarter of the way through the season, you’d have liked to have seen some improvement by now.
The problem is we have no other options to play there given how well JGR and Hayden Matthews have adapted to the first team.

That was a game we really needed to be winning last night. I can’t see us getting anything out of our next 4 games: Wolves(A), SU(H), APIA(A), Rockdale (A) and we’re only one point clear of the relegation places.

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It’s a cliche but this is a transition season.
All our top level NPL guys have aged out and this is the new batch.

We will get this every 3 years or so.



Hopefully one of those 3 seasons isn’t spent in NPL2 though.

I just find it pretty extraordinary we’ve been competitive for two or three seasons in a row in NPL1, considering we can’t have any senior players in that NPL squad. I think it would be a huge impediment in the big games where even one or two experienced heads can calm the younger ones.

NPL1 NSW is probably the toughest division outside of the A-Leagues.

I thought we could field seniors who had started ten games or fewer in the league? Rodwell’s time to shine?

That was the old Youth League.

These guys have to be U23 and registered for the NPL side. If they’re U23 but only registered for the A League side they can’t drop back.
Similarly, if they’re only registered in the NPL side they can’t play A League which is what happened in the Kealey Adamson situation.

Looks like it’s gone, but 10 starts was a FNSW thing for NPL… But there was also an U23 restriction.

Eg page 23 here

Wait a fucking minute. The A-League season started in October and the NPL season was over by that time. Why the fuck was Adamson not allowed to play A-League then? That is the most fucking ridiculous rule I’ve ever seen!

Because he wasn’t registered in the A League squad. NPL contracts go from Jan 1-Dec 31 as far as I’m aware.
He was in the Cup side on an NPL contract because that’s the way that competition works. It encompasses all players from a club. That’s why you can have an AA8 player run out for the first team in the competition rather than just use the first team squad. Kealey was on an NPL contract, not a scholarship contract or any other that tied him to the A League squad.
I thought it may have been the case when he was left out of our initial A League matchday squads and brought it up here. It appeared to be confirmed in articles around his move to Macarthur.

I’ll dig up some articles tomorrow but I’m getting Kucharski drunk tonight!