The Ćevapi files: Sydney FC in the NPL1

All so good. Direct running at goal. Hopefully Quintal and Brazete get mins next season.

Didn’t look like much of a pen to me, but without replays I’m guessing.

Will take it though.

Think it was a bit soft but take it. Fryer smashed it in. 3-1!

Great run by Osacr Fryer there.
I thought he looked done after he failed to control the cross field pass from Brazete not long ago. He hasn’t played much recently so match fitness will be an issue but he certainly looked as though he has some legs left in him yet.

Macallister made it into the NPL team of the week, looking like an absolute baby alongside Roy O’Donovan…

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Scroll back to 61.20 on the time bar.

Looks very soft but only one player went for the ball and that was Brazete. In saying that it looked as though the Hills defender was opening his body up to counter unaware that Brazete was there.

I see it now, he backed right into him and took him out by accident.

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Fryer looks like an actual teenager now, as opposed to the 12 year old that made his debut off the bench at Olympic (that was only a year ago :hushed: ).

Massive result and a really good performance.

Pressure is now on CCM and Sutherland to get results.


In what is a good result for humanity but a bad result for our NPL side, CCM are leading WSW 2-1 early in the second half.

WSW were up 1-0 then their GK gave away a penalty.
Channeling his inner Vedran he pointed to the corner he wanted the taker to shoot at.

The taker did and still beat the GK.

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Wests side have fallen off a cliff, what’s the deal there? Have they lost players in the ALM teams’ mid-season churn, or are some of the better ones taking their mandatory break from football?

A recent lineup I saw had no recognisable names when earlier in the NPL season their side was stacked with kids who’d had fringe ALM experience. Tonight there’s only Scicluna and Younis I recognise (plus Culina’s kid, forza nepotism, and Hof Jnr on the bench). Looks very different to the side that was top early.

Nathaniel Blair and Adam(?) Bugarija, their 2 top
scorers, have both gone to Perth.
Doni Grdic and Anthony Pantazopoulos, their 2 starting CB’s, have left the club.
They’re also now missing their A League players.

It’s a similar situation to what we’ve been in the last couple of seasons.

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That will likely be the scenario for any A-league NPL team doing well going forward. They are always going to lose the best players either to their own teams or others.

They are there for development purposes as opposed to winning. If they won, the whole team would probably be emptied out.

Better to just get a mid table result each season, and stay in NPL1.

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Central Coast awaaaaaaay tomorrow. Massive game for the NPL team.

Huge for both clubs. A win for either hoists them out of the relegation spots.

We dropped back into the relegation playoff spot on GD last night after Sutherland scored a 98th minute penalty against Sydney Olympic to share the points.
We really need to be winning this afternoon given both CCM and Sutherland have a game in hand on us.

Spirit defeating WSW last night, their third win in 4 games, has probably taken them out of the relegation battle now. St George Saints (lost their last 4 games) and Hills are in danger of being dragged into the fight though if us and Sutherland continue to get results.

Didn’t get to watch but see it finished 1-1.

Quintal opened the scoring on 58, CCM took a quick free kick just outside their own box but coughed it up, Quintal buried a simple 1 on 1 after pinching it. Mariners equalised on 84, disappointing to concede so late, corner wasn’t really dealt with in the air and after being half cleared down the middle to a CCM player it was promptly volleyed back into the top corner. Stats look as though we had the better of it, bugger.

Result that suits neither club

Is Gus H the keeper for your NPL team now?