The cove merch thread


Damn. Not quick enough


Hey guys if I got an email saying my order is complete…does that mean it was dispatched?


Not quite, our minions have just done all the packaging so it’s ready to go when they come in. They’re very close though

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I didn’t realize you had the FFA packing your orders?


Cove windbreaker delivered today…just in time for the rain expected at Leichhardt tomorrow arvo. :+1:

Stoked. Thanks lads!

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All masks & windbreakers have now been posted, we’ve been advised that Australia post may take up 2 weeks.


The mask arrived yesterday, it’s fantastic stuff. Well done to all involved.


Masks (X3) arrived yesterday. Smooth as silk and look good. :+1: Thanks all

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Mask arrived today, perfect for walking through the deserted Melbourne streets! Thanks guys!!


Any timeframe on this year’s Cove champions shirts?
Eager to get my hands on em!


The all-seeing eye shirts are tops

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They look tops!


So good. The perfect intersection of my interests.


So to celebrate Sydney doing Sydney things, we’ve got two shirts up for pre-orders. Firstly a subtle reworking of the “king of clubs” tee celebrating our fifth title, secondly by popular demand & to honour our lizard man overlords the “Sydney conspiracy” shirt. We have also opened up orders for more s wreath masks.


Easiest $35 I’ve ever spent


I’ve been banging on about the illuminati t’s for ages.

Thank you, shut up, and take my money!!


Sydney conspiracy, 10/10. Ordered.


Missed out on the face mask last time. Won’t make that mistake again.

Mask + conspiracy tee secured.


What’s the sizing like on those shirts? Pretty standard?


We use as colour for our shirts, which fit pretty true to size.

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