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A true hero of the labour movement and Sydney.

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Bring back the BLF!

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We sure lost a good one today, Jerry Stiller aged 92.


Oh man. Schneider and Stiller within a week is tough.



Anyone who has Alien and The Fifth Element on their resume would be happy with their career regardless of what else they have done.

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I’m guessing this is going to be the busiest this thread has ever been?


very sad. the fact he and Mel brooks had dinner every night (still) was amazing - there is a great Jerry Seinfeld episode of comedians having coffee in cars with them on it


This one hurts

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May an Ecstasy of Gold await him in the next life.


News coming through that Australian snowborder Alex “Chumpy” Pullen drowned this morning on the Gold Coast while spearfishing.


RIP Jack


Sad one. I was very young for USA 94 but have such a clear recollection of big parts of the tournament. Ireland were great.


The scenes when they were knocked out… grown men wailing into their porter


The combover twins