The Death Thread - The Grim Reader


Dick Dale has passed away


And now Scott Walker.
It seems almost every other week I’m spending a few days on Spotify properly delving into musicians I never gotten into previously, on reading their posthumous tributes.


Ranking Roger of 80’s Ska pioneers The Beat passed away yesterday.

‘Mirror in the Bathroom’ and ‘Stand down Margaret’ were staples of my teen years.


Now news of Australian cricketer Bruce Yardley passing away. One of my earliest cricket memories is this amazing catch


Mirror in the Bathroom has been stuck in my head since the weekend because I watched Grosse Point Blank (great movie, still funny and totally holds up)



Vale Les Murray


Chewbacca - now at a farm in the country where he spends all day playing with the other Wookies


Nicely worded.


And on May the 3rd… Chewy was always a contrarian



Grew up on her, pretty hot really (subjective…)


Bob Hawke has died at 89.




Our last truely great prime minister.


Other than John Howard, has anyone else lasted long enough to be considered?


Ming the Merciless was our longest serving (39-41, 49-66)


That one really hurts. Even if I didn’t agree with everything he did, you know he genuinely gave a damn.


Greatness is not determined by length in office.


Any boss who sacks someone for taking tomorrow off in mourning is a bum!