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Rob Burrow has died.

Inspirational bloke, he did so much to raise awareness for motor neuron disease, at least here in the UK.

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Horrible horrible disease, must be up there with the worst. My aunty died from it a couple of years ago, it was so sad watching it progress with her.

RIP to an absolute legend. They were showing his highlights on the news this morning, such a talented player for a little guy. Only 5’5 in height.

Yeah, his battle post playing shouldn’t over shadow what a player he was on the field.

Also, aren’t we all jealous of his friendship with Kevin Sinfield

Whole thing seems really weird.

That sucks. I shook his hand when I went over to the UK just before Covid. Seemed like a cool dude. He shared a table with other Arsenal fans at a United VIP event and had some good bants with Nicky Butt from memory.

That’s way too young. RIP.

So young, so sad

If you think that’s young, the Millwall and Montenegro GK, Matija Sarkic, died in Budva overnight. He was 26.
Apparently he fell ill after playing in a friendly on June 5.