The English Football Thread

Who’s said he didn’t score on purpose? Regardless of how fans were carrying on, the team definitely tried to win. Fell short against a very good team.

Agree. Tbh the mentality around the club has been small time for as long as I can remember, so that permeates through to the fanbase. I was happy enough to lose this morning, but I’m also happy enough that doing so annoyed Ange.

The alternative was our local rivals, which is one that goes back a century.
Tbh people don’t really care about (the current version of) City too much (maybe outside of Liverpool fans). They’ve become a soulless behemoth. They’re the control in the experiment. Kinda like the Melbourne Storm in NRL parlance.


Couple of twitter posts. I think you retweeted something that said he missed on purpose. I realise now I missed the subtlety of these posts.

I asked here because it’s a better environment.

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And it was like 6am and I was still in shock about the whole inverted winger thing.


As a Liverpool fan, I couldn’t give a shit about City. As you say, they’re just so soulless that it’s hard to care at all.


At the start of the season, I would have said anyone but city… but now it is down to Arsenal and City… I am firmly team city. Why?

because everyone i know that is an arsenal fan has morphed into some pious cunt, waxing on about how we should all be thankful that they, the little battler, are taking it to the cheats that are destroying football one title at a time.

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There has to be a reason players dont round the keeper as much any more. Way too many times when there is room to go around they try and shoot. That should have been an easy round to the right and open goal for Son.

Im a Liverpool fan who has had their soul and spirit crushed time and time again by City the last 10 years. 3 times weve taken it to the final day, only to lose to City. I do hate them more than I once did, but I do not respect them.

As for Arsenal, I begrudgingly respect them. Some of my mates are Gooners. But as a Liverpool fan, it would hurt more to see Arsenal win during a not so strong City season. A year where Liverpool could have done more and capitalised on an off City year. Add in the fact that Arsenal will have won the same number of titles as Liverpool during Klopps era, despite being a shambles for most of it just doesn’t sit right with me.

Lastly, Id be totally fine with losing to City if I was a Spurs fan. Ange is speaking as a manager with no ties to the club. Liverpool fans barely celebrated beating Blackburn when it nearly gave United the title on the final day all those years ago. Luckily United messed it up anyway.

More like Ludek fucking Miklosko happened.

Apparently Spurs fans that were happy with the loss were criticising Ange for just not understanding the rivalry. Yes that’s right, Ange doesn’t understand the deep-rooted hate between Arsenal and Spurs. The main who managed Rangers for 3 years…

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Also, I’ve just learnt his legal name is Angelos Postekos…

Yeah Ange is 100% right about the fragile foundations of the club, which extends to the fanbase. I’ve been following the club for just under 20 years now and I can’t think of a time when the mentality hasn’t been small.

I guess around 2009/10 there were signs it was beginning to change but obviously never happened.



They’re basically the same club, let’s be honest.



Milners professional career (7602 days) has now lasted longer than the gap between world war 1 and world war 2 (7601)


I was tired and celebrating a massive work milestone at the time. In my defence id just popped open a 30 year old whisky that I’d been saving for the specific milestone for 2 years

How was the whisky? I’ve never tried a 30 year old

I thought you did that ironically with the 3 years cause he was only there two.


If there’s anyone who understands the Arsenal Spurs rivalry, it’s a 19 year old Spurs fan from Indonesia.