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The lines have to stay for replays. The camera is rstely going to be in line with the offside call. The offside call will always come down to millimetres as thats the whole concept of offside. You change it to clear daylight, there will still be calls that look at a few mm of daylight.

In terms of the daylight suggestion, is that the entire player? Would give a huge advantage to an attacking player. Also does that take into account clothing? Does a loose pair of shorts allow for extra room?

One of the biggest flaws with the current review process for offside, hand balls and pens is that the on field officials don’t make a decision, they let play continue or won’t make a call so it leaves the entire decision in the hands of VAR. A decision needs to be made in order for VAR to overturn a decision. Too often it seems the ref doesn’t make a call knowing VAR has their back.

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That is wrong. VAR suggests to the ref they should look at handball/penalties and offside interference, and they make the decision.


Yeah, I’ve worded that wrong and probably got it wrong too. I’m trying to say that the refs and linesmen are reliant on VAR support so much that if there’s a little bit of doubt in their minds, they won’t make the call.

There’s logic to that though - for example, if you stop play because you think there’s been an offside in a promising counterattack and you get it wrong, you can’t get that counterattack back. So they let play continue until they need to stop it rather than stopping it.

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Oh come on.

We survived the hand of god, we survived the Henry handball.

Just fuck it off.


While I understand the logic, it also generally undermines the referee’s authority. If he’s not making the decisions, then his role starts to become a bit more pointless. You’ve seen it in parts in NRL where some refs will always defer to video ref rather than actually making the call.

It used to be the case a decade ago when nearly everything was referred, isn’t so much the case these days, though. The Bunker does check every try, but only delays the game further if the on-field decision is no try, but the on-field referee wants the Bunker to look at it, or if the Bunker spotted an infringement that the referee missed. In some cases, there is insufficient evidence to overturn a decision, so the original decision stands.

It looks like ten Hag is staying. I guess its time to see which players are on the books at SEG International to see who is arriving at United in the summer …

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