The Fishing Thread

Can’t seem to find any other fishing threads on here so thought I’d start one and gauge whether we have any other anglers around on SFCU.

Im personally starting to get into chasing squid (nothing like fresh salt and pepper squid). Has anyone had any experience chasing them in Sydney?

My son keeps pestering me to take him, but I am pretty much a total noob here.
Any recommended places in the Sydney area to go for a casual angle, where it’s pleasant to sit, and reasonable to get parking and a fishing spot?
I took him out to Brighton a year or two ago and it was OK and he caught his first fish, but the jet skis were a fucking pain in the arse.

What part of Sydney (even if you can narrow it down to north, east, south?) would you be keen to travel to?

We’re in Erskineville, and my son’s not gonna get me off my arse if it’s gonna be more than 45 or so minutes each way!

Are you wanting to keep the fish for a feed or just keen to get him out there with a line? (Reason I ask is where I recommend may vary based on this).

i.e.: you generally don’t want to eat fish west of the harbour bridge.

Given I prefer to return them (i.e. am too squeamish to deliver the death blow) having a ready made excuse for releasing a legal-sized catch is always welcome.
Also, with a young lad, they love the idea of arsing about using lures, so somewhere you don’t get them snagged every cast is also good.

Check this site out.

To be honest mate, any inner west wharf should see you do okay.

If you’re keen to venture out for the day, Gymea Baths or Wally’s Wharf is always fun and not snaggy at all.

There’s a reality style show on Netflix called Battle Fish. About Tuna fishing boats in the North West of the USA. Very brutal in some respects but it really sucked me in and I ended up watching the whole series