The Gentleman's Clothing Thread

Not sure where the old version of this thread is.

To kick us off, not quite clothing but I’m looking for a new barber. Any suggestions north of the bridge?

I ran into Bobô at AW in North Sydney, but I think that’d be unlikely these days. They usually do a good job with or without HAL record scorer being in store.

John’s 2.0 is the relaunch of John’s which was an institution in Newtown. Chris is the main man, does excellent cuts for $23… No hipster fades or ironic tattoos in sight.

But how do you know it’s a barber shop?

The stripey red pole outside?

They get super busy on a Saturday but you don’t have to wait too long.

do they do blood letting too?

Not really, I got a shave there and came away unscathed.

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