The Good Times Memories Thread

So these dark times bring uncertainty, yet it’s still important to hold onto those memories that bring happiness to us as individuals and a group.

In that spirit, I would like to share the below, please share yours, on the field, off the field, in the pub, something good timey, SFC related.

The day after the 2010 Grand FInal, standing in The Domain. Everyone is seedy as fuck, cause reasons. And the team is brought out.

And we manage to get the sweetest man ever involved in the team, Vitaslav Lavicka, to lead us in a rousing rendition of ‘FTT’.

And somebody told him it meant, “For The Team”.



The walk from Etihad to the Sydney pub post the GF in Melbourne in 2010 was a personal highlight… pure delirium

Although if i ever hear the black eyed peas again it’ll be too soon…


The Point Bar in Perth last May.

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Exactly this for me. Unforgettable getting to take liberties, singing along the way through that shithole town all the while with a police escort. Brilliant!

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Hearing Shooting Star at the 2010 GF. There was something about the song that just told me, “this is it, this is the night”. It was also my first away win experience with SFC. I think I went to like 10 away games prior to that for either losses or draws. Still feel the tingles thinking about that night, and the tingles are unrelated to that rash…

I get chills every time I think of this, including as I relistened to the video:

I’ll never forget the way that the entire stadium sung Forza FC together after Grant equalised. It was just such a raw rush of emotion and this real sense of power. I remember being on the verge of tears from the stress of that game and the emotion of Grant’s equaliser which just combined with this awesome sense of togetherness that we all shared in that moment.


Great thread btw.

I remember the first ever HAL match at Allianz. I was about 10 mins late because traffic was terrible as the authorities under estimated the demand.
Running up to the ground but still a fair distance away I could loudly hear the crowd ooh and ahhing as well as singing. I remember thinking to myself this is gonna be fucking great…and it was

Got to see Dwights goal luckily

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Obviously I love everything about Grants equaliser but the look on his face was the best thing ever

The Grant Grand Final was the best Sydney FC related memory, will take that to the grave.

As some have mentioned there was something bigger at play that night than just a football game and somehow we could all feel it, pure emotion. Could have died happy that night.

Other notable for me were 5-4 against CCM and basically every derby win, Alosi winner against MVFC.

While the forza sfc was epic, nothing can possibly beat walking through Melbourne in 2010.

Special mention to the computers going through the pub window a few years before.


My first ever away game was the 5-4 in Gosford, that will always have a special place in my memory.

Another one i’m bizarrely fond of was beating Guangzhou here. We had half a team, and they had bought 12000 fans, but M1los getting it done was great.


Oh man that was such a good night. Every one of us was determined to out sing them so even the sidelines were into it.

Couple of great ones the first Melbourne away win with legit the worst starting line up we’ve ever had.

The Aloisi goal in front of the Cove on Valentines, seeing him hit it and thinking that’s in.

Vic falling off the wall in the Cove.

Running into every original back row Cove member after the Grant Grand Final and the hugs and tears of joy.

Dogga giving us his phone in Brisbane away because he was too drunk to message Brosquey and get him fired up.

The 5-4 was also my first away game <3

Think my table was the closest to the bifold doors that day. I was scrolling on my phone, finishing my beer and waiting for my mates to come back with another round. Then a computer and a dozen tards smashed through the glass and fell on the floor in front of me.

We all just stared at one another, wondering what to do next. I dont think any of them were up for a fight, they just wanted to scare us, and I’d never been in a fight before. So I gently lobbed a stool at them and they walked out like nothing really happened.


Pre season in 05.

Gosford away.

Guy Sebastian fronting Factor.

Factor putting him on his arse purely with the power of his mind.


Sydney’s first A-League game; I just remember the feeling of amazement when I walked into the ground and seeing all those people there. Anyone who was around then couldn’t imagine such a big response. Then what was then a massive pullover banner went over the crowd and you couldn’t get rid of my smile.


When a lot of us went to go back to the REH after the premiership win to celebrate and it was closed for some reason, going across the road instead then and maybe an hour later the staff of Sydney FC, turning up with the premiers plate in hand, pub shutting the doors for the night and the club opening the bar for the rest of the evening. With just about every fan locked inside getting photos with the plate.

Good times…

Probably not one to feature on many peoples favourite games but I remember beating Gold Coast 3-2 super fondly. Carle and Kisel scoring valuable goals in front of the cove. Was a good night out.