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Apparently he’s a cunt of a boss.

You don’t see a lot of his ‘managerial’ style per se in D2S, but he does come across as highly arrogant and quick to frustrate.

Allegedly it’s a female employee with the allegations. They’re not sexual assault orientated, but yeah doesn’t look good for him.

He has a hearing tonight our time with RB heirarchy.

Apparently there’s been quite the power struggle behind the scenes since Dietrich Mateschitz died. He was a staunch supporter of Christian Horner and, according to The Telegraph, there’s been a move to get rid of Horner now that he doesn’t have that protection.

I lost pretty much all respect for him when he tried to get people to stop having a go at their cap breaches, by claiming his staff were suffering from mental illnesses.

Horner’s had it good for a while. If the allegations are true, though, it should be the end of his reign there.

It won’t all be good news. We’ll probably have to put up with Helmut Marko more instead of Horner.

If it’s true, it’s amazing behaviour in this day and age.

Would also be interesting to see what’ll happen with the rest of the team. The Chief Technical Director has almost gone to Ferrari now a few times. They’re saying the Technical Director may take over if Horner leaves.

There’s such a lack of information, rumour is flooding in to fill the vacuum.

Horner is a bit of a shitbag. No doubt he’s done some terrible things but there seems to be a power struggle going on. Helmut Marko and/or Jos Verstappen (Max’s arsehole Dad) seemed to have had a falling out with Horner so they’re sharpening their knives.

Bottom line is I’d say Horner is toast.

Their biggest issue is what Adrian Newey thinks of all this.

If he doesn’t like one faction and it comes out on top …

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Today’s hearing has concluded with no resolution. We still don’t know what it is that Horner is meant to have done. There’s a female employee involved. It doesn’t appear to be sexual but revolves around “unacceptable conduct”.

The cynic in me thinks this is a convenient vehicle to get rid of Horner. The leaks to the Dutch press points to Daddy Verstappen but really, who the fuck knows?

Unacceptable treatment of Australian Drivers!

This is where I think the issue lies.

I think that maybe Helmut Marko thought he’d assume total control when Mateschitz died but Horner has taken some of that control instead. This can be traced back to the signing of Nyck De Vries last season where Horner was completely against it but Marko pushed it through. With the move failing so spectacularly it’s difficult to see Marko taking the defeat easily and Horner not using it to his advantage in a power grab. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is playing a large part in any discussion around Checo’s future beyond this season where once again they’re both butting heads hence why the issue had reared its head again.

As Hilly said, the big danger for Red Bull is that whoever comes out on top isn’t the camp Adrian Newey wants to be in.

Marko just survived his own scandal after explaining Perez’s lack of pace is because he… “is South American [sic] and his head just isn’t as fully focused”.

Some speculated that Horner tried to force Marko out after that and now this is pay back.

Real Game of Thrones shit here.

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Fuck me, I missed that.
That Senna guy sure was slow and unfocused, so was that Fittipaldi fella and I’m sure Max’s father in law took the comment well.

Fangio - 5 titles.
Piquet - 3
Senna - 3
Fittipaldi - 2

That’s an odd position. No South American has won since Senna, but that would be more of a reflection of the changing of the sport from Playboy to Professional and the amount of resources you need to bring with you.

Poor Felipe Massa.

People also ask

How much is Massa worth?

approximately $30 million

Felipe Massa, a former Brazilian Formula 1 driver, has accumulated a net worth of approximately $30 million throughout his career. His earnings, including salary, endorsements, and sponsorships, have contributed to his financial success in the world of motorsports.26 Jan 2024

Imagine how much he’d be worth if Timo Glock could’ve kept it on the track.

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Or if his engine lasted another 5 or so laps in Hungary, which was a slam dunk win for him otherwise.


Can we replace Supercars with GT3?

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