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Was an impressive drive holding Sainz off for that many laps, a fair few without DRS and only the electric engine - was just enough to keep him out of danger.

Maybe not?

Quite the disparity in luck for the McLarens

Grats to Norris for his first win. Its been a while coming. Hopefully we can see a bit more of a title fight this season than the last few.

This was the last thing I saw this morning and I’ve been avoiding the result all day. Having just watched the highlights I was rather surprised at the result given where each one was when I left.

Anyways, McLaren baby!

Oscar had great luck at the start… but couldn’t pull away from Ferraris on either tyre.

Meantime Lando had a massive streak of luck, but most would have expected Max to easily overtake him, yet Lando pulled away by a lot.

Yuki with another strong race lapping up Oscars misfortune and Russels poor performance, ending up with more points than Daniel, despite his 4th in the sprint.

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The start of this has some good insight into the tyre situation at Miami.

More cracking racing from the WEC. It’s a real golden age for the series right now. I would’ve thought the loss of LMP2 would be a big blow, but its not been the case at all.