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A bit of Hill action from a few weeks ago. Think he copped a 25 grand fine for it.
In the build up it wasn’t even Custers fault :man_facepalming:

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So track limits aren’t a thing?

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From the looks of it, Austin Hill is just showing what would’ve probably happened if James Thompson, Jason Plato and/or Yvan Muller were unleashed on NASCAR. Absolute mad hatter.

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The COTA race, SVG got a 30 second penalty for exceeding track limits and dropped from 3rd to 27th.

But yeah, Nascar seems to have a looser interpretation …

It looks like the big issue here is that he can give it, but not take it.

SVG is a 35 year old, 3 time Supercheap champ with 500 career starts.

Hill is a 30 year old with less than 100 starts across all categories. (as far as I can tell) I don’t think he’s quite realised want he’s set himself up for if he goes on trying to stick SVG off the track.

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So it looks like Antonelli is going to Mercedes next year. If they really had to have Antonelli in a race seat, they should’ve paid Williams to give him a seat next year. Either way, its far too early for him, as he needs at least one more season in F2, and its a bit of an insult to previous champions like Pourchaire and Drugovich who were unable to get a full-time drive. And on current season form, I’d pick either Hadjar or Aron for an F1 drive well before Antonelli anyway. Bonkers.

Under new ownership think Williams wont accept paid trainees anymore.

Remember also that golden child Antonelli is in seemingly a poor F2 car this year and Merc has more data comparing him on the simulators.

Suspect Doohan had a similar discussion and why he decided not to go around with F2 again.

Anyhow silly season is gearing up to be interesting.
I’d think KMag and Sargent are gone, and possibilities in Bottas, Riccardo, Ocon, Zhou and Stroll.

Quite sone options for the youngsters as the teams play musical chairs.

Zhou and Bottas are both gone, i hope its not true but i believe Zhou will end up at Haas,

Hulkenburg is already going to Kick saber so Haas may be looking at a whole new team, im hoping we get Beerman and an experianced driver to partner him

Every F2 team has the same chassis. Antonelli is driving for Prema, who are the best junior category team going around. He’s come straight from F4 to F2, so he’s doing well enough at the moment. But he needs to adjust to F2 and start winning races there before F1 is even a consideration.

At least the silly season is already really interesting this year.

Drugovich has been around for years. He’s not F1 quality and there’s plenty of other drivers ahead of him looking for a drive.

Mercedes are going with Antonelli because they’ve gone all in on George Russell. Just about any experienced driver they were linked with probably could’ve beat him so they’ve gone with the rookie.
The upside is if Antonelli does beat Russell then they’ve got their own Max Verstappen.

Spec series yes. But plenty of freedom in setup, suspension and balance. Tends to get closer towards the end of the year as teams copy those who’ve done better.

And Prema has seemingly got it wrong this year despite their pedigree. The other Prema driver, Ollie Bearman has performed even worse than Antonelli, and many have Bearman down for a Haas seat next year.

Tough weekend on the short course at Iowa for our man in Xfinity, SVG.

Just out of curiosity, I’m having a look at Marcos Ambrose’s NASCAR record. For simplicity we’ll look at 1st div and 2nd div togther. From 2007 to 2014 Ambrose won 7 races. 2 in the cup and 5 in Xfinity. 2 at Watkins Glen in the cup and 4 at Watkins Glen in Xfinity, plus a win in Xfinity at Gille Villenueve. (CGV would be an interesting track to race a stock car on … )

So in 304 starts he won 6 races at one circuit.

SVG has 3 wins in 19 starts at 3 different circuits.

This is nothing against Ambrose, just a comparison. I also believe the current gen stock cars are much closer to Supercars than when Ambrose was racing.

Just came across this fun clip.

Interesting = NASCAR lap times were slower than a GT2 car

Le Mans looks like its been an absolute ripper, as well.

It was great with 7 cars in it right up to the last hour.
The 4hrs straight of safety car during the night wasn’t so spectacular. They had to refuel the safety cars in shifts