The NRL Thread- Everyone gets a coach


Ist AFL player tests positive.

Anyone care to organise a sweep for the first NRL player?


Considering it’ll be someone in the Storm… I recon in the next week, the Storm will move to somewhere in NSW.


Despite the supposed mad scramble for tickets, managed to get a ticket for the sharks panthers game tomorrow with zero hassles. The tweet that informed me was up for over an hour, with tickets available for every category except gold.


I honestly think people are a bit wary to go to games. It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd the Souths v Tigers game gets tonight.

There was only 3k at the Canterbury v Souths game last Sunday but it was on at the shittest kick off time (Sunday at 18:30) so not sure it the time or fear that had it less than 50% of what they could hold.


Just checked, you can get tickets to tonight’s game.


Wow! Must’ve had the best time. Penrith were just taking the piss at times.

Morrison will probably be telling his mates the Sharks won 56-24. Cunt.


Penrith are on fire, memories of the '03 run.


They certainly are. I don’t want to say too much else, though. Jinxy McJinx is surely just waiting around the corner for me to say something I might regret!


Not NRL but Jesus H… Two people in a serious condition after alleged stabbing during brawl at Sydney rugby league match - ABC News


Sadly, brawls at local rugby league matches are far more common than they should be.


Just a coupla blokes enjoying the finer points of rugba leeg


boys will be boys


“They’ll sit down and have a beer together afterwards”


Isn’t it another case of those foreigners bringing their violence to our country. There was no violence at the footy until we let those bloody foreigners in.

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Must have been sokka hooligans sneaking in to discredit the good name of the NRL


Yep. They were successful in infiltrating the AFL supporter base pre COVID so it makes sense that they would target rugby league post COVID.


This guy is just a bit shabby… allegedly


With a rap sheet like that he’ll be in the NRL in no time.


Maybe the Broncos


If it was Kings Cross at 7.30pm there would be moves to have lockout laws for the Thugby League.