The NRL Thread- Everyone gets a coach

Doesn’t mean JWH doesn’t know Edwards is there. We all know what he’s like. Nonetheless, it was a shit call. I don’t watch NRL (or any sport for that matter) for the referees. I watch those sports to watch skills and creativity at work. Add athleticism for rugby league.

There was a Penrith player for that last try that touched a Roosters defender well on the inside there. After the earlier decision, I just thought immediately the try would be chalked off.

And, like most sports, that is where consistency is needed

And now we’re going to hear about this shit all week because the final difference is six points between the teams, and because the referees found an excuse to rub off a try rather than reward a pretty good team move.

Ludicrous call. Edwards initiates the contact. My Roosters just can’t beat Penrith, though.

The real question is why JWH felt the need to run 15m through the line

Have to question the penalty that led to the try. Latrell’s impossible to miss right now carrying 10kg more than he should.

That’s why I still feel that JWH is one of the dumbest players around. He just can’t help himself and it meant the referees had a decision to make, and we all know the referees are a bit flaky with decisions. And that stupidity made a stupid decision by the officials possible. And it cost them at least a shot at golden point.

They are coached to run through the line near the try line so as not to stop and interfere with the defence… he just didn’t run far enough

Parramatta vs Wests Tigers, what a game of rugby league!

Watching all of these failed short kick-offs and drop-outs, would they not be better served going for a form of NFL style squib kick towards the touch line?

If the ball goes over the touch line after going 10m then they get the ball back. If you top the ball and generate a high bounce then you give your team the chance of either winning the ball in the contest or getting it back if it goes out.

I know he’s injured again now but Adam Reynolds has the ball control to be able to do it.

His little trick shots arguably cost Brisbane the grand final last year. I think it is an incredibly risky tactic.

I like Nathan Cleary’s dropouts that skim at speed along the turf. Those are extremely difficult to handle, and a pretty amazing troll move to be honest.

Shouldn’t have gone for the sideline when he did. Risk over reward should’ve seen him take the safe option, especially in the most important game of the year.
So early in the season though, if you’re attempting a short kick-off or drop-out, why not give it a go.

Kikau is so fun to watch when he’s in this mood.

Okay, this game really has gone into another stratosphere. What on earth are the Dogs doing!?

How many concussions? Surely they cannot blame them all on the rain… just poor technique

And plain stupidity. Tedesco thought it was a good idea to go low on Kikau when he was at full speed.

Roosters got an overlap when they’re down two players. Jeebus fucking Christ :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Dogs hold on to win but that was a diabolical second half from them.

What the fuck is a knock on anymore? Get absolutely cunted that’s not a knock on

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This seems like a good time to remind the referees I do not watch sport to watch them fuck things up constantly. Embarrassing.

Good to know you can kick the ball out of someone hands after a tackle is complete too

You can say what you like about the refereeing but this has been a cracking game.