The NRL Thread- Everyone gets a coach

Luai played much better last night than he did in the 2023 Origin series.

Hynes did nothing to suggest he should be back for game 2, or ever again.

I would hope that Madge is sensible enough and experienced enough as a coach to know that sweeping changes aren’t necessary, and just to tweak things (and not have a player sent off in the first ten minutes) will be enough for a decent tilt in the next game.

Cleary and Edwards coming back in should be the only changes.
Harsh on Tedesco but you have to go with the Penrith combination.

You’d think Moses will come into the side for Hynes… Burton into the centres and Hynes becomes the versatile back on the bench. Api in to hoooker, Leniu into the starting lineup, Trbojevic to lock and McInnes comes off the bench as well.

  1. Tedesco (Edwards if fit)
  2. Lomax
  3. S. Crichton
  4. Burton
  5. To’o
  6. Luai
  7. Moses
  8. Leniu
  9. Api
  10. Haas
  11. Martin
  12. A. Crichton
  13. Trbojevic (c)
  14. McInnes
  15. Yeo
  16. Hudson-Young
  17. Hynes

Oh, to have Turbo, Cleary and Murray fit…

Aren’t you an Arsenal supporter?


Any word on when Cleary is back?

I think it was 8-10 weeks when he did it, so he is out of the origin season but will be back to steer the panthers to another premiership

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I mean it is surely the defenders job to make sure they don’t make contact with the head. If you go in at that speed taking all control out of the tackle then you can’t hardly complain that you got sent off when it all goes wrong.

Cleary is out of Origin, so there is no chance of him saving us this time.

After seeing the replay of the send off, well all I’ll say is that Klein has set the standard now. If a Queenslander does that at Suncorp, he has to be sent as well. But I have a feeling that’s not going to happen, because he is a fucking dogshit referee with no sense of consistency.

McInnes started over Yeo. That should tell you all you need to know, really.

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Or “Hello Mitch Moses…” as the Herald put it

I can’t imagine Hynes was playing 100% fit, either.

Just watched the send-off. No issues. If you can’t protect players’ heads from a full-on assault like that then fold the sport.

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Walsh was already slipping and falling into the tackle after Suaali had started shaping for the tackle. There was no way Suaali could have maneuvered himself to avoid contact.

There was no malice, there was no intent for a high shot at all. Walsh got himself into a bad position.

10 in the bin should have been the extent of it. The replays make it look so much worse.

He also didn’t seriously attempt to make a tackle, which is increasingly frowned upon when making contact, for better or worse. Gerard Sutton even tried to cite a Penrith player earlier in the season because he “didn’t put his back into” a tackle :joy:

I mean if he’s trying to pull out of the tackle, surely that should work in his favour.

It’s a rare treat seeing St George playing so well.

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It’s a Catholic tackle - he tried to pull out but didn’t quite manage


A crisp, clear winter afternoon at Wentworth Park watching Glebe win a game of rugby league.

This is the good stuff.

Insane rugby league from Canterbury, spectacular win there against Parramatta.

Hayne is let off. If what is said in the article is true, that’s a pretty alarming failure of process.