The Reza Ghoochannejhad Thread

Title pending until he’s been here for at least a week.

The SMH has this great piece on him and the way the Iranian community in Sydney are reacting to his signing:

This is particularly interesting:

There will be few who leave his side throughout his six-month stay in Sydney. Before kicking a ball at training, he had already begun selling memberships as hundreds of his fans, many who felt disengaged by the A-League, wanted to know how they could watch him.

“We have already engaged Sydney FC about supporter memberships, we are getting a lot of interest from Iranians to become Sydney FC supporters,” Ehsani said.

Yeah whatever, they’ll be gone in 4 months when he is.

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They felt disengaged by the A-league because there wasn’t an Iranian playing?

Because Iran weren’t playing?

Transfermarkt has him as being loaned to us until December 31. I assume that’s a mistake.

Well the unbeaten run remains.

Khoshamadi Reza jan! FTT va clunk motavajjeh mishin alun? Find the guy called Terry, he will explain. Kheyli, kheyli mohem.

As an Iranian Australian and someone who owns a Cecolli shirt this is pretty exciting. He has a reasonable record in Europe, is within cap and considering he can be our +1 it’s great business. Good dress rehearsal for a marquee spot next year.

Like every foreign signing there is the hope that there will be a crowd bump. Definitely will be a small short term bump as he is a star of Team Melli (national team) and Iranians tend to be quite football literate - as the only HAL fan in my family I’m getting enquiries. Best we can hope for is a few theatre goers stick (ala ADP). Remember when we were obsessed with crowds? The good old days.


I would be slightly disappointed if thread title was anything other than GucciGang or something very similar.

I was also excited to hear of his signing and its clear he has a good touch from his debut tonight. He’s probably playing a second striker role here but honestly I always thought his best attributes were his goal poaching abilities. I guess I need to see more of him but I like what I see so far.

No hat-trick on debut?

Sack him.

It took a decent save to deny his first goal,by a keeper who was UP for the challenge.
Reza put in a tidy performance,I think it’ll be an exciting run into the semis.SC has the depth to take FC to the decider.Reza should play a big part.